Last note of 2007

Good Day Gentlemen, Has Beens, Squash Pretenders, Others etc

Another year has come to a close and would be
unbecoming not to conclude.

We will start off by saying Thank-you John Shannon for yet another
exeptionally well managed squash year........I have no doubt that
without your input we would simply switch the lights off and close the
door.......which we would leave to one of the so-called merry men that
constitute your comittee i.e. Comrade George Bowen.

To conclude we had a gathering of young and ol' farts at Jhb Country
Club last evening...........I say ol' boy and all.

Well the "up and coming youngster"....that's me George.. dished out the
following - cappy Fillmore got klapped.......Mark van Niekerk was lucky
to get a game and Graham Vermaak (GV) got such a severe hiding that I'm
sure he will not be renewing his membership.......Comrade Bowen feined
injury to avoid a hiding.

Gavin Martins absence due to sore shoulder, sore ankle, sore arm, no
brain and many other ailments was noted.

Gentlemen - please.....practice.

Who cares about the rest of the results.......

To finish off.....a pleasant evening was had down in the Melville

Have a good one.......and it safely.........

See you in 2008

This is the 9B sports reporter signing off for 2007