Chamber Exiles Squash Club Covid Regulations

Chamber has been approved and Squash is allowed back. Please see the rules and such at the Club. You will need to sign in and practice social distancing. Don't be "That Guy" and ruin it for all of us.

See below and attached. The club is authorized to open from 1st August (all league players to train and play) and 15th August (all social players).

There are of course stringent protocols that we will have to follow, namely:


·         Deep cleaning of complex before reopening.

·         Access to the club will be for members only until further notice.

·         Members must fill in an Indemnity form and Covid-19 screening form the first time they go back to the club.

·         Court bookings must be made in advance – online for a record for the appointed Covid Official. (Julie Shannon)

·         Face masks must be worn on entry and only removed once you enter the court to warm up and play.

·         Sanitize hands on entry before using access keypad.

·         Temperature must be screened on entry and the Screening and tracking register completed every time you play.

·         Sanitize on entry and in between games (2 hands-free dispensers will be situated at the entrance and between courts 1 & 2).

·         No spectators are allowed.

·         The change rooms can’t be used except for the toilets.

·         No alcohol will be allowed in the complex.

·         All surfaces will be sanitized every day and members will be urged to sanitize between and after all games.

·         Do not wipe your hands on the walls or glass backs.

·         Use your own towel to remove sweat from floor and your body etc. if required.

·         Personal water bottles are required as there will be no glasses available.

·         Social distancing must be adhered to if there are many players at the club.

·         Covid-19 warning notices will be displayed all round the complex

·         The club will close at 8h00pm sharp (so players can get home before curfew).


All forms to be completed (Indemnity, Covid-19 screening and the Screening and tracking register) will be available on a table inside the foyer entrance together  with a hand held thermometer.


These protocols will be hard to enforce and we will rely heavily on the members to be responsible, sensible and adhere to the above as Covid-19 is not going to disappear overnight. If we are found to be flouting the protocols our authorisation to open could be revoked.