1st LEAGUE vs Randburg

We won

Frank won 3 . 2
Mwansa won 3 . 1
Kelvin won 3 . 0
Stan lost 3 . 1

Overall result: Won 16 - 1

2nd LEAGUE vs Pirates (St Johns Boys in disguise)

An out of form Willem got a big hiding at 1 against a St John’s school boy side. Willem lost 0-3.

Robbie went on next, started strong, relaxed a bit and let the guy back in, but still won 3-0.

Dane next, good player and wasn’t going to let a school boy show him up – won 3-0 convincingly.

Gary last against Phil’s son, hard 20-18 first but at least I won it. Won the 2nd, lost the 3rd but did the damage so won the 4th comfortably.

Willem 0-3
Gary 3-1
Rob 3-0
Dane 3-0

Result: 12-4

Next week we play Dainfern away – and grown ups.

Overall result: Won 12 - 4

4th League vs Old Eds

4th League travelled to Old Edwardians on Tuesday for the first match of the season.

With just our No’s 1 and 3 there and their No 4, I decided to move myself down to 4 to play Quinton Tomasselli.
Won a close first, lost the second, lost the third, won the fourth, and ended loosing the fifth 15-13. Not a pleasant match, and apologies to Ryan who had to make a number of difficult calls.

Vevek went on next at No.2 against Glen Lazarus, lost the first, won the next two, lost the fourth, and managed to lose the fifth 15-13. Pity, but at least we were getting some points.

Ryan next playing No.1 came up against Rob Halstead who did not let Ryan settle. With Rob tiring in the third, Ryan nearly made a comeback, but ended losing 15-13. Looks like a team trend of losing the last game 15-13??

Finally, our youngster Andrew went on at No. 3 (unbeknown to him he had been promoted!) against Marius Conadarus. Won the first, just lost the second, but then won the next two reasonable comfortably for a good 3-1 win.

Final result a not too shabby 13-7 loss, followed by a pleasant meal at Old Eds.

PS Pat and I had a very enjoyable Balloon flight on Sunday. Thanks to Peter for donating the prize, “match report” to follow

Overall result: Loss 7 - 13

5thth League vs Bryanston Sports

Away at the arch rivals Bryanston – we finished 3rd last year, they were 4th.

Silver Fox on first at 2 (making sure that I didn’t play David at No 1 – cos’ he’s pretty good). Made shortish work of Alex winning 3-1

Rejuvanated Rich, back on the league court after a year of healing (mentally and physically) played the famous Derek Watts who used all his 6’ 5” to wind the ball as hard as he could. At 1 game each and 7-2 up in the 3rd, the effort of thrashing the ball to the back of the court took it’s toll on Derek and he hardly won another point in the match. Welcome back Rich.

Ron then had the dubious honour of playing a super-fit and fast David. Ron put everything in to the first 2 games but fell short in both. Then at 14-11 down in the third he clawed back to 14 all before seeing red when he received what he thought was a bad call (from the best marker at the club!!). Ron then proceeded to clobber the ball 3 times into the nick to win the game and glowering at marker (the best in the club, by the way), stormed off the court. The 4th was a close affair but the rigours of the weekend tournament took it’s toll and although close – no cigar. Lost 3-1.

Mergus arriving timeously to walk straight on court (!!!) only had to win 2 games for the match and duly did. As normal though Mergus took the game to 5 before winning 3-2.

So a good start to the season with a 13-7 win was followed by cold (but tasty) pizzas in the pub.

Marking tip for the day – when the ball is dying on the back wall and all you can play is a desperate defensive boast, don’t leave it and expect a stroke.!!!

Overall result: Won 13 - 7

6th League B vs Chamber A

Some inspiration was needed to kick off the 2012 league season and was forthcoming from a ‘mystery’ source during the week (the secrecy surrounding the identity of said scribe was shattered later in the evening by whispering George and the whole of Doppio’s now knows who penned those words of divine influence). I must take umbrage with one phrase from the clandestine author though – he (or she) professed that their team “are the shinning lights of Chamber Exiles”… Taking poetic license in hand and assuming that lights can indeed shin, I would argue that team 6 B’s lights shin brightest of all. For the first league game of the season anyway. On to the meat and potatoes of the report, we started off as underdogs against the erroneously highly rated 6th A team in an attempt to see whether the beer and braais of the off-season had improved our prowess.

No. 1 Phil vs Gerhard: Finding himself in the top spot for the season opener, Phil quickly proved himself worthy by racing to take the first game. Then, realising that this level of performance could see him entrenched at No. 1, he changed tack and lost the next three games with increasing vigour. Not having seen any of this game, I apologise to Gerhard if I don’t furnish him with enough credit. Lost 1-3: 15-9, 12-15, 10-15, 5-15

No. 2 Bruce vs Gavin: Three Oceans Bruce (because he run that much) had to take on Gavin. First two games were peppered with errors from Gavin while Bruce took about 2mm off the bottom of his shoes purely by distance travelled. Gavin sharpened up in the third, but not in time to trouble the champ who made certain of victory in the fourth.  Won 3-1: 15-12, 15-11, 10-15, 15-12

No. 3 Nigel vs Louis: Another four games following an identical pattern. Louis made some uncharacteristic errors in games 1 & 2 and I thought it was Christmas. It was uh-oh time in the third game as he started hitting a good length and by lungs caught fire. Apparently sitting on the couch catching up on Total Wipeout wasn’t good training for squash after all… Louis was in control of the fourth game too, but his mind seemed to go adrift at the sharp end of the game and I was gifted a few tinned shots to take the match.  Won 3-1: 15-8, 15-8, 11-15, 16-14

No. 4 Brennan vs Jacques: The was the match of the night and Jacques made us wait for it – he arrived about 35 seconds before forfeiting. Phil was reffing and the dividends of the marking course were clearly evident as Sven’s protégé kept tight control of the game. Brennan’s first league game back since the dawn of league last year when he broke his wrist. Now, with steel plate in place, the Bionic Man showed that he’d kept up his fitness. Low risk squash and plenty of running kept him slightly ahead in the initial stages. A wobble in the third game and Jacque started to assert himself, but Brennan held his nerve to close it out in four. Won 3-1: 15-12, 15-13, 13-15, 15-13

Dinner at the Dop was a fitting end to proceedings, where we solved the usual problems of world peace, decreasing oil reserves and climate change. All this over a couple of pizzas and some lager. And we get to laud it over the ‘A’ side for another 4 months – cue, applause. Woohoo.

Overall result: Won 13-6

7th B League vs. Chamber A

Hi All

The annual derby between 7A and 7B took place at Chambers on Tuesday 6 March. Herewith the match report.

Paul,Fallon- vs. Nic,Papatheodorou-
14-16 14-16 15-7 20-18 15-8

An epic battle between the number one players or as we like to call them, the MVPs (More Victories Please!). The first two games was a great example of never giving up. Nic was game point down in both but fought back bravely to win the games 16-14. After the second game (in fact throughout the match), Nic showed signs of being physically exhausted. Dropping down from 7A to 7B comes at a price, in 7B you are expected to win your games at No.1 So Nic took a breather in the third and launched his final assault in the fourth. Game point changed hands a few times and Nic even had a match point. However Paul showed a lot of fight and wrestled back the advantage to win the fourth, knowing that the fifth will be a canter. A great win for the A team 3-2.

Peter,Fillmore- vs. Gary,D'Alessandro-
13-15 15-13 15-8 15-12

The two captains at No 2. Gary, or Jack Sparrow from the Caribbean, against Pete Fillmore. A close game, with both playing good squash throughout. Jack had the added pressure of being the new team captain, following the ousting of George “Coty” Bowen. His inspirational diatribe to his team (and leaked to the greater Chamber community) had little impact on the final outcome, in fact there does not appear to be much hope for the 7A reprobates or their lifetime ambition of ever beating the 7B side again. Back to the game, what game? 1-3 it’s all over for Mr Sparrow who ended up going down with his ship without raising the white flag. 3-1 to the B team.

Peter,Le Roux- vs. Michael,Hunt-
7-15 15-8 15-12 10-15 15-13

The worst game he has ever marked, as per Paul Fallon. The dissent and abuse from his team mate Hunt was soul-destroying. Paul has asked if can redo his marking course as he no longer understands the concepts fishing, stroke, let, or anything than requires the marker having to call a point against Mike. The only non-controversial point was when the ball was played into the tin, or played into the gallery. Otherwise a great game, down to the wire at 13 all in the 5th. Unfortunately there can always only be one winner and it was Peter’s turn to take this one, 3-2 to the B team.

George,Bowen- vs. David,Hamilton-
16-14 15-13 13-15 13-15 15-10

Without the pressure of the captaincy, George was able to focus on his game. Taking an early 2-0 lead against Dave, George was looking good. Dave dug deep and pulled back the next two, only to throw away the 5th. Where do you go from 7B, is there a 7C?3-2 to the A team.

Overall a fantastic evening of squash, with two evenly matched sides. This challenge once again lived up to its top billing. But the snot snivellers have once emerged triumphant, beating the A team by one game, 10-9, and 12-9 overall for the match.

We retired to the Doppio’s restaurant and pontificated further over a few Peroni draughts.

Overall result: Won 12-9

9th LEAGUE vs Wendywood

Game report for the 9th league team.

Our first game of the season was against Wendywood. The bunch of new members were all keen to cut their teeth at this game called squash.

First game was No 4 for the team known as Three Boertjies and an Englishman.  Easy meat for Kobus. Ran a lo,t played well and within record time victory for Kobus.
Chamber - 3    Wendywood  -  0    

Second on at no 2 position was veteran Chris.  The blue dot (excuse) was too much for him to get used to, so down one game. Same for second game but with a bit of orientation the third was in the bag for the Boertie. Run out of steam in the fourth and Chamber is one game all, still in the running for a win.
Chamber – 1     Wendywood  -  3

Then our no 3  took to court. Anthony, the Englishman was out played by a younger Jitesh and went down 3 – 1. He did fight back in the second and even did a split on the court trying to get to the ball and for that a win was good for morale.  
Chamber - 1   Wendywood  -  3    

Henri at no 1 looked strong walking on the court against a half pint Paukaj (with glasses nogal).  Not to be Henri, was all over the court trying to out run the hard hitting opponent. But al his endeafors was just not good enough.  And another Boerjie bites the dust.
Chamber - 0   Wendywood  -  3    

Supper and strategy was the order of the day and after deliberation ----- watch this space.

Thus Wendywood 3 – Chambers 1

Overall result: Lost 5-12

10th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

We started off with a BIG 16-0 win.

All the boys played very well, Dear Reader which wasn’t surprising as none had any opponents!

I received a very late SMS (at Lunch-time) on Wednesday to advise that they could not muster a team. No request was made for a postponement so I guess we take the points!

We may play them as a friendly if they so request.

We did have a team practice and then enjoyed a pizza/pasta at Doppio’s washed down with some good plonk so the evening wasn’t wasted.

My wife nevertheless complained that I had arrived home so early as it messed up her scrabble evening with a friend....

Overall result: Won 16-0

Ladies 4th LEAGUE 02 vs Chamber 03

Sonelle bt Josephine 3-0
Belinda bt Pat 3-1
Alma lost to Charlene 0-3
Chrisna bt Kelly 3-0

Overall result: Won 12 - 4

Ladies 3rd LEAGUE vs Pirates

Easy start

Joanne won 3-0
Heather won 3-0
Julie won 3-1
Jenny won 3-0

Overall result: Won 16 - 1