1st League vs. Parkview

What a great turnout - the call from Chairman John to lift our boys was taken to heart and I would have been proud to be a 1st leaguer myself and have that kind of support.

By the time I got seated Francisco was one down to a rampant Gary who showed remarkable ability to return absolutely everything with interest to boot. It's the first time I've seen Gary play and was surprised at what ability this somewhat awkward character had - I was left speechless, not for the last time that evening. Francisco seemed at odds with his game and Gary's confidence grew from strength to strength and he took the second. I did notice how the Chamber team rallied around to give advice and encouragement to a struggling teammate in the breaks but unfortunately to no avail as Francisco made two service errors in the third and could not put up a fight. (0-3)

Earlier in the evening I saw this youngster walking about the courts and I thought that it was somebody’s kid hanging around. The kid turned out to be "JP", Gareth’s opponent for the evening and it pretty much needed an evening to conclude this battle. I found out from his teammates that JP is 19 years old and what a future he has ahead of him. He plays a fine game and showed such maturity and composure in keeping within reach of Gareth in this tick-tock, thousand-shots-a-point duel. We witnessed some heated moments as players disagreed with the marker and it then became a war of attrition and somewhere in the 4th I think Gareth’s lost his legs and although he recomposed himself, this thoroughly entertaining match ended up with Parkview drawing a line in the sand and claiming the second match. (2-3)

Then along came Mwansa, this man looks like he is dancing with happiness while he is playing - he exudes and embodies the joy that the game of squash brings and boy-oh-boy when the ball presents itself he hits it so hard that big George had his jaw dropping. It felt like this match was a one-horse race and that is not to belittle his opponent Grant, but Mwansa was just so on-song that he could pretty much kill the ball when he chose to. We could see Grants spirit disappear in the third and suddenly Chamber was back in with a chance at a draw if the Gods could just smile on us. Mwansa did an on-court flick-flak to celebrate his win. Joy personified! (3-0)

The guys who did battle

Craig vs. Kelvin (how much better could this evening get?) This match had everything - a theatrical production in itself - highs, lows, twists & turns, comedy & tears and that was just dealing with the marker. The first game was a cracker and it went to the wire with Craig coming out on top, the second started and a gazillion shots and two let's transpired before the first point was on the board. I was on the edge of my seat and the audience was spell-bound by the sheer mastery of the game and how it could be played if only the Gods had fairly distributed talent. Craig took the second and most of the hope that Chamber was praying for. The third started on a rather tetchy note as the crowd applauded Craig tinning the return of serve and Craig let his displeasure be known. Kelvin then found a new resolve and was volleying the most impossible lobs and finding the nick and putting in some of the tightest drops imaginable. Somewhere in amongst this was the high drama of marker having to stand up to silence a disgruntled Craig which was followed by the comedy of a "yes let" being mistakenly called a "no let" and finally laughter restoring the mood of good sportsmanship. Kelvin taking full advantage wins the next two games and setting up a potential points count if he can just hold on and take the decider. Unfortunately Christmas did not come early to Chamber on the night and sadly we had to settle for second place - but boy did we enjoy some entertainment. (2-3)

Bad luck guys and you made us proud notwithstanding.

Match result: 7 - 12

(Report written by "Ear Ear Gary")

2nd LEAGUE vs Bryanston

Well, we missed the excitement of the first league game as we were at Bryanston.
First up was Gary vs Jan. Started quite tight, with Gary sneaking the first, winning the 2nd and managing to come back from 9-13 down in the 3rd to win it.
Next was Mike against Claire Nitch. No takers for the marker. Started tight, but then Claire upped her game and won the first. Mike fought back and won the 2nd. But Claire was too strong and won the next two. Maybe we should have brought Stan for her.
Next was Willem against Michael, a handy left hander. Some hard rallies with the score very close, but Willem held on and won 3-1. Michael running out of legs in the end.
Last was Jeff against ‘Boom-Boom’ Bert. Jeff had to work hard for his win, but also managed to win 3-1.

Mike 1-3
Willem 3-1
Jeff 3-1
Gary 3-0

 Match result : 13 - 5

4th League vs Wanderers

Chris played early, back in the winner’s circle with a good win against James 3-1.

Flip played Tyrone next, gave a spirited performance only to throw the match away squandering two match points in the 4th game, lost in 5.

Vevek went on next against Alf, did not get out the blocks, lost 3-0.

Dave our banker went on last and needed to win 3-0 to secure the team result, gave a solid performance with a comfortable 3-0 win.

1)      Vevek 0-3
2)      Flip 2-3
3)      Dave 3-0
4)      Chris 3-1

 Match result : 10 - 7

5th League “the G Team” vs Northcliff

Northcliff are a bit out of their depth in this league

LG won 3-1 (Life was goodish)
G-spot won 3-0
Gavin won 3-0
G-whizz won 3-0

Match result : 16 - 1

6th League A vs Bryanston

First up at 1, in usual fashion Gavin Geldenhuys insisted on a 5 setter, going down 2 - 3 with a zillion points to settle the affair.

At 2, Stuart lost 1 - 3 to Dino after forgetting that he had a birthday dinner to gormandize on prior to the match.

At 3, Jacques played a tight game reminiscent of his old form, also going down 2 - 3 in the end.

Last up Louis is showing signs of being able to adapt to the jostle and hustle of league, but succumbing to Brads experience in another 5 setter 2 -3, with a one point difference in the game points at the end of it all.

Match result : 7 - 16

6th B League vs Parkview

And so it came to pass that Chambers played Parkview. The much talked about and hyped up game mentioned by our venerable chairman in several circulars. And the crowds were there in droves to bear witness to the contest. Apparently our 1st league was also playing them, but that’s besides the point.

On first at No. 2 it was Mark vs Jason. Jason looked to be in the later stages of high school with all the promise and enthusiasm of youth. Unfortunately for him, Mark is a dasher of youthful hope and sent his younger opponent to all corners of the court. Full of running was Jason and Mark was happy to make him chase. In clinical fashion Mark kept it tight and with finely measured length to finish it in three and maintain stamina for the Sani to Sea which was to start on the Wednesday (won 3 – 0).

Next up at No. 1 Phil took on Gui in the match of the night. Though not quite on par with our 1st leaguers at the front of the club there was some definite class on display. Gui was skillful at killing any loose shots and Phil had the advantage in the mobility stakes. What followed was psychological battle of sorts, with each player vying for the upper hand, gaining it and then losing it again. Like the Municipal battle for Midvaal, it could have gone either way. But this clearly wasn’t a democratic outcome as, despite the support, we couldn’t swing a victory for Phil (lost 2-3).

Simultaneously Lyal was playing Bernhard on the adjacent court. I didn’t get to see this game, but, by all accounts it was a mismatch of some margin and Lyal swept away with the honours in short order. Seems as if Lyal’s match winning hunger has been rekindled. Either that or the support from injured teammate Brennan is having a marked effect – steel plate in arm and all. (won 3 – 0).

On last at No. 3 it was Nigel vs Kyle. Kyle was keen to get a victory out of this game, but came up short. Literally. The little guy was only about 3 feet tall. I felt like Gulliver in Lilliput. And I finally have the perspective of our esteemed 10th League where everyone they play is at least 20 yrs their junior. Kyle has only just started high school, though he plays squash in the Gauteng U16 side. Under threat from Digby that if I lost, I would have to rescind my club membership in embarrassment, I had to make sure that I beat the child (sounds bad, but I don’t mean it like that). Being so short, Kyle’s height is a serious disadvantage when up against taller opponents – even my drop shots were lobbing him… The game wasn’t too tough and quickly over, but give this guy another couple of years and a foot more height and he’ll be a handful on court (won 3 – 0).

All wrapped up by 8pm and in time to watch the 1st League action on the front courts.

Match score: 14 - 3

7th A League vs. Jeppe

Mike fresh from his sojourn in the UK where he quaffed ample quantities of Ruddles beer, gorged Cornish pasties in Devon, scoffed scones filled with jam and clotted cream, and banqueted on real fish and chips with mushy peas, was first on. The break must have been beneficial because a win was had against another Mike despite a third game hiccup.

Next up George, completing an easy win that also included a third game walkabout. He maintains an impressive “played 5 won 5” league record. We wish him well with the Comrades on Sunday 29thMay. Rumour has it that he does not talk during the last 30 kilometres, bliss!
On goes our MVP, that’s Nic, up two nil. Paul playing on adjacent court and up one nil. 16 points looking a dead cert. We did, for those educated Japanese,Description: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~fgandon/miscellaneous/japan/Image8.gif. Things changed. Firstly, and difficult to believe, Nic had match point in the third and lost 3-2. Nothing else to add on this point. A ribbing is too easy! Secondly Paul started losing even though he was the far superior player. One all. Third game. Marker George. The double barrelled surnamed, opponent did not agree with a well constructed call by the marker. Big rumpus, court door flew open, tête-à-tête between marker and player. Far more entertaining than marking and watching the drilling Nic was receiving. The upshot was, disappointingly no fisty cuffs, the marker giving a conduct warning to the Jeppe player. Nice one George! This must have really pissed Mr. Cameron-Gunn as he went on to win the game and the next. No he did not join us for the meal at the Grand Slam afterwards. Count back on games, squeaked in by one.

Squash Tip of the Week
Don’t argue with the marker, especially if he is a lawyer!

#1: Paul vs. Vaughan, 1-3: 18-16, 10-15, 10-15, 11-15
#2: Nic vs. Dave, 2-3: 15-11, 17-15, 15-17, 13-15, 13-15
#3: Mike vs. Mike: 3-1: 18-16, 15-10, 7-15, 15-9
#4: George vs. Anton: 3-1: 17-15, 15-8, 10-15, 15-6

Match score: 11-8

Description: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~fgandon/miscellaneous/japan/Image8.gif, Japanese for “count the skins of badgers which haven't been caught”
Check out the scribe in his younger days! Description: cid:image001.png@01CC16F2.4A709290


7th B League vs. Randburg

We had a phone call at 5pm from Randburg forfeiting the match as they could not field a side. I was going to say “don’t worry we can reschedule” but due to the last minute warning, I thought b*gger it lets take the points.

So 16-0 to us.

Match result 16 - 0

10th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

Although it was Election Day both teams were happy to play this fixture even after some fairly long lunches but I’m happy to report that all these keen squash players showed remarkable restraint in limiting their alcohol intake in the interests of their respective teams and all players (and supporters) arrived on time and sober with brown left thumb-nails!

No1 – First up was Brian playing Riaan and after a quick hiding (7/15), Brian dug up his usual dogged resolve and a took the second game. This faded a little in the third which he lost to make the contest interesting. To be honest the rest of us were rather nervous as Brian looked whacked at this stage being two - one down with Riaan looking relaxed and smiling and hardly sweating. But, Dear Reader, this is Swiegers we are talking about and he has the guts of Ben Hur and went on to take the next two games with the paramedics in attention at the door! When will Brian do some exercise between league games! Nevertheless a good start with a 3/2 win.

No2 – Next on was Paddy. What was that I said about restraint at lunch-time? Paddy took the first game against 19 year old Michael but then faded badly looking like he had been to his son-in-law’s birthday lunch at the Troyville Hotel and lost the next three on the trot. On investigation that is exactly what had happened – lunch at the Troyville! Where is this man’s loyalty to the team? Two matches played – one each but we were a game down.

No3 – Des on next, looking very smart in a new, clean pair of shorts (we hope those porno khaki’s have actually been thrown out by Debbie) and up against a tubby Gareth who was not in team colours (the only player from either team not wearing a team shirt). We felt very comfortable looking at the two physiques and were expecting an easy win. But, again Dear Reader, squash is a funny game and we should know that looks do not determine the ability of a player. True to expectation Des took the first game  but then maybe relaxed too much and was suddenly at one all. Gareth had some of the most amazing drop-shots seen in 10th League which did have Des frustrated at times but again, with true Chamber 10th League grit, Des played his heart out and took the match 3/1.

No4 – On last with the pressure building – we needed to win this one to win the contest – was Bob. But, no stranger to pressure, Bob knew that he had beaten young Peter last season rather comfortably and when you’re 63 a year in time is nothing so he was confident of another win this time. However young Peter has spent the past year in the gym and had gained about 10 kilos of pure muscle and it wasn’t so easy. Bob lost the first game trying to match the power-hitting but then took stock and decided to play old-man’s squash and slow the pace down and once he could keep the body-builder behind him a simple slow drop to the front wall was all that was needed to take the next three games.

Good result for Chamber – WON 3/1

RESULT – 13/7

Final result : 13 - 7

Ladies 4th LEAGUE 03 vs Old Eds

Sonelle won 3-0 (at last)
Alma won 3-2
Belinda won 3-0 (again)
Caroline had a walkover

The ladies are now top of the league

Overall result: 16-2

Ladies 4th LEAGUE 02 vs Northcliff

Jen          1 - 3
Josephine  ?
Pat          1 - 3
Kelly       0 - 3

Overall result: ??

Ladies 3rd LEAGUE vs Randburg

On first at no 2 was  Fi  Fi  who was just too strong for her younger opponent and won easily 3-0.

Next was Joanne at no 3 who had a great game against an equal opponent which went down to the wire. She gave it full stick in the 5th and pulled off a good 3-2 win.

Next went Heather at #1 but met her match in a very worthy opponent. Nevertheless turned out a good spectacle and entertained the crowd even though she went down 1-3 eventually.

Last on was Audrey  4  facing Fran Davidson who was in good nick and played well. Down we went 0-3.

So final result   7 – 10  but still looking good on the log.  

Overall result : 7 - 10