12th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

No4 Bob - Played first, took the first game then faded against a very fit youngster. (1-3).

No3 Paddy - Started off slowly (after three weeks in Cape Town and many bottles of red wine!) losing the first two games, then came back very well to take the next two but the red wine came back to bite and he lost the fifth 3-9. (2-3).

No2 Des - As usual played the fool for the first two games and lost. Then the marker (me) annoyed him by refusing a let (justifiably so as he was going right and the ball was bouncing in the left-hand corner) and he got his act together and took the next three games. (3-2).

No1 Geoff - With the games tally 6 for us and 8 to them, Geoff needed a 3-0 win. He took the first 9-5 and uncharacteristically lost the second before taking the third and fourth with a bit of a struggle. On any other night he would have walked this match! But we can't blame him for this.

The games were 9-all so it was down to points. We had amassed 127 but unfortunately they totalled 131. We lost by 4 points.

Final result 9-11

11th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

The 11th League finally steps up to the plate, and is proud to announce a much needed victory - at last!
It came against Old Ed's in our match away from home last week, even though it did come down to a points tally.

Graeme won 3-0
Johan C lost 0-3
Roger won 3-1
Keith lost 1-3

Final result 9-7

10th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

With the Easter weekend on the way and promises of over-indulgence looming, we were keen to get in a win before the excesses take their toll.

No. 4: Paul (Dixon) vs. Paul. Our home player was up against his Edenvale namesake and was in no mood to mess about. Paul D quickly dropped two games with loose shots and tin abounding. Paul D admitted as much with flowery language describing his play as “frankly, pretty cr@p”. Would Paul’s legendary fitness pull him through? As it turns out, he didn’t give the fitness aspect a chance to prove itself, going down 9-0 in the last. That one must have hurt… but with a long weekend to revitalize him, Paul will no doubt be back with vengeance in mind. Match result: Paul D lost 0-3.

No. 2: Phil A vs x?x. Phil was up against a fit looking whippersnapper, complete with earring and wavy hairstyle. Perhaps the opponent should have kept his hair out of his eyes, because Phil demolished him with a series of boasts, tight drives and killer drops. Might be a different story on the return leg though. Match result: Phil won 3-0.

No. 3 Nigel vs. Aruna. I almost lost the first game for no apparent reason, but didn’t have too much trouble during the rest of the match. My opponent was an electrical engineer from Eskom and probably had other things on his mind. This was in evidence with him chain smoking over a few beers after the game. Match result: Nigel won 3-0.

No. 1: Tom vs. Danilo. Game started well with Tom hitting cleanly and pouncing on his opponents mistakes to take the first two games with relative ease despite a few good rallies. A couple of unnecessary mistakes in the third game saw Tom at 8-2 down and some nervous fidgeting in the gallery. The overall result was already assured though, so it wouldn’t be a disaster whatever happened, but all eyes were on Tom to see if he could drag this one back. Unfortunately, the match was never completed. Despite have an Eskom engineer on their team, the lights went out in Edenvale. Shed happens. With Tom away for the Easter break and then some, the match couldn’t be re-scheduled and was drawn 2-2.

So it looks as if the performance curve is still on the up.

Final result 10-5

9th league vs. Edenvale

In business “most of us” are taught that you learn by your mistakes, but “OUR CAPPY Pete Fillmore” forgot to listen.............result last week.........2 – 3.........result this week 2 – 3.

Anyway, to the rescue comes the sports reporter.......and as Churchill stated.........somewhere on that useless island.......... ‘Never have so many, owed so much, to .................yes you are right.............one up and coming youngster ........”. as yet another ‘klap’ was issued to the oppo.......3 – 0.

On next is the ‘ol boy Big G – Gavin Martin.

Last week I commented on how slow he was about the court........well without wanting to labour the point........when its your time to hang up your squash racquet........then one should do so gracefully.......and let me tell you he’s old and definitely not graceful about the court. Anyway Big G got klapped 1 – 3.

So we are all square in games but down 1 – 2 in matches.

This is not a good situation as Mr. Lazy.......... Dave Hamilton is up next.........loses the 1st, wins the 2nd .....just......... and then somehow wins the next 2..........to redeem himself.......well done Dave.

Squash Rule No. 233 (c) for Dave Hamilton...............you are allowed to run

Squash lesson for Big G.........it is regarded as good practice to make your oppo. tired before you get tired.

Match result: 11-7

8th League vs. Edenvale

Mike Hunt goes on at no 3 and pulls it off comfortably at 3 – 1.

Doc Fallon follows up at no 2 against a very sharp young 11th grader. Doc is in deep trouble being 1 – 2 down and staring down the barrel at 1 – 8 down in the third. As the youngster serves for match point – believe it or not – Eskom play their trump card. Off go them light and Doc lives to tell the tale.

So the remainder of the game postponed for this week. Of course there were naturally apologies from friendly Eskom to Bruce B and Nic Papa who made the trek in vain.

So we resumed again on Wednesday night with myself in the squad with Bruce unavailable this week.

First on this time is Doc F to try his luck again. But the youngster was having none of it and promptly dispatched him 0 – 3 this time around.

Followed up by Nick Papa at no 4 who played a magnificent five setter in Bydawell fashion. Two up initially and then two all, the game was poised on a knife’s edge, as the crowd grew. The fifth went on to eight all and then nine all and thereafter a couple of further match points. He eventually however succumbed 9 – 10 but that’s the way it goes.

No 1 is a tall order for an old man but I put up a brave face for a while before graciously going down 1 – 3.

So overall result an unfortunate 6 – 13.

Match score: 16-13

7th League vs. Wits

With Flu, Wives and Injury tearing the heart of out the team, we never-the-less continued with our "Kyk Noord, F*k Voort" approach to league this year. But the gods were conspiring against us. Days of rain raised the risk that our touch shots were going to be affected due to the cold damp weather, and "Eks'Dom" tried thier hardest to ruin our march, by turning the @#^@% lights off at the courts.

Not to worry, our worthy opponents offered thier courts at Wits, and off we trundled, fighting the traffic all the way there.....

Our import, George Bowen, nervously approached the court, but then in true George style, played a great game to leave his poor opponent 3-0 down before the snot was wiped clean.

Manie was in one of the best moods seen in a long time. Could it be that his attractive and charming partner was watching ? Deciding that there was a strong argument to rather being outside the court, with her, he quickly punished his opponent to take the game 3-1

Our next import Flippy found the going a bit easier down in the lower leagues, and quick;y raced to a two love lead and was looking strong to getting us home early, but then the horrors of all horrors happened. Being so clearly ahead of his opponent, Flippy went for a easy shot, and tore a muscle down the side of the leg. Limping badly, he put on his tin hat and emulated those fine men that fought in the trenches and tried to battle it out. However, squash is a game best played with two legs, and FLippy eventually succumbed 3-2 to a relieved opponent.

The crowed then bayed for Big George to enter Stage Left. Being in a foul mood, things did not look great, but when George realised that the court was to his liking and there was no pressure as we had won, George raced to a commanding 7-0 lead in the first. He then had an out of body experience and only returned when the score was 7-7. Three shots later and the first game was in the bag. The next were 9-2, 9-1, for a 3-0 win.

So the team is over their shock loss to Suburbs, and is back on track with a 14-4 win.

Match score: 14-4

6th League “B”(Best) vs Parkview

6ththLeague “B”(Best) vs Parkview

Luckily (maybe not given the result) Duncan managed to organise a court for us at Joburg Country Club – Chamber being in the dark. After relaying messages to all about the relocation we started just after 7.

Phil went on first against Fritz. Phil narrowly lost the first 10-9, but fought back to win the second 9-2. The next two went down 9-6 and 9-2. A 3-1 loss

Ryan went on against Dave. I think it must have been the all the bionic knee brace on one leg and the knee guard on the other that put me off. After a reasonable fight for a 10-8 loss in the first, the second two were 9-4 and 9-1 down. A 3-0 loss

Duncan then took on another Dave. Duncan took the first 9-5 then the lights went out! But luckily (?) it was only the new squash centre that had lost power – the old courts were with lights and available, even if they were cold are relatively dark. The next two were lost 9-3 and 9-4. Duncan came back in the fourth but no luck going down 10-8. A 3-1 loss

Dirk was left to salvage some pride against Chris. This game was on at the same time as Duncan’s so he also suffered the change in courts mid way through. This was real see-saw with Dirk up and then down in a hard game. First up 9-6, then down 9-4, then up 9-6 then down 9-6. The match saw Dirk fetching some amazing drops but went down in the last 9-6. A 3-2 loss

Match result : 8-13

6thLeague “A”(Absolutely Awesome) vs OldParks

John went on first against an ex-Chamber player, Cheyna Tucker (who played for us when she was about 10). After a scare in the first, the 30 year experience gap paid off with lobs, drops and boasts winning the next three – but hardly comfortably. I’d hate to play her in a couple of years time. 3-1 win.

Ron on next, nervously went on court after reminiscing about his last abysmal showing. A quick 3 games later dispelled any doubts over Ron’s quality.

Gavin B started strongly in the first, reaching 8 easily but then forgot to win the 9th. In the second he did the same and lost 10-9. With the crowd baying for victory, Gavin pulled himself toward himself and won the next 2. In the motivational words of Ron – “if we have to suffer through another game of this, at least win it”. Gavin duly obliged although nearly losing it again from 8-3 up. 3-2 win.

It was left to our Captain Richard to round off the night in an entertaining game against an opponent who did his best to sledge Richard out of the match – but Rich was having none of it. 3-1 win

PS. Squash lesson no 154– never rely onyour team-mates to give you sensible advice when you need it most.

Match result : 16-4

5th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

Trevor won 3-1

Shaun won 3-2

Vivek lost 0-3

Dave won 3-2

5th lge drop their first points of the season – it could have been worse as Shaun was 2-0 down before he woke up and Dave battled terribly to beat an easy opponent in 5.

Match Result: 12-8

3rd LEAGUE vs Parkview

We played Parkivew in match 4. Lights went out at 6 and I was worried driving to the courts, with no traffic lights working, that we won’t get to play. I arrived at Parkview and they have a generator. I was so happy, now we could get more than 8 points. Chamber should seriously consider putting at least the 2 glass courts on a generator.

Jeff played Aidan first. Thankfully, as I had a huge fight with him in the game last year. But Aidan was meek and timid and Jeff cleaned him up in under 15 minutes, Aidan only managing 9 points.

Next up was Francisco against Steve. Steve said he had a monster against Francis a few weeks ago, match lasting over an hour, and just losing. Not the case last night. Francis cleaned him up 3-0 and only dropped 8 points.

Next Willem played 16 year old Mike. At this stage we were 6-0 up in games and only 17 points dropped. Willem got 1 point in the first and was 6-0 down in the 2nd before he knew what was happening. He dug in and managed to scratch that game 10-9. But then he was pretty much cooked. He lost the next 2 9-3, 9-4. I think now that Willem is 30, he is over the hill.

Gary played last against Pepe. The worst marker in the world (even worse than Jeff. And Fergus.) Luckily he was playing and not marking. No problems here and Gary won 3-0.

At least we managed 13 points, which is more than the 8 points all our home teams probably got.

Francisco 3-0

Willem 1-3

Jeff 3-0

Gary 3-0

Match Result: 13-3

Ladies 4th LEAGUE 02 vs Pirates

No report

Overall result 2-16

Ladies 3rd LEAGUE 01 vs Southern Suburbs

Lisa 3-2

Julie 3-1

Claire 3-2

Lynda 3-1

Overall result 16-6