12th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

Bob played first at No3. Stuttered start hitting a lot of tin but managed to steal a win 9-7. The next two game were more like his old self whipping the youngster 9-1 and 9-4 to take a 3-0 lead.

Brian at No1 played next and was ruthlessly clinical in klapping a highlighted head of long hair youngster 9-1; 9-0 and 9-0. What a player!

Geoff was on next at No2. Geoff made very heavy weather of this match with it looking like he really wanted a five-setter! Got whipped 3-9 and 4-9 in the first two games. Got it together somewhat to struggle to a 10-8 win in the third. Looked better in the fourth to take it 9-3 but then the wheels fell off in the last game with Geoff playing very badly but his opponent looking really sore with a hamstring problem (fortunately for Geoff) and not running too well allowed Geoff to scrape in 10-8. Geoff has played better!

Last up was John at No4. What his usual "Oh's" and "Shit's" looked his age (I think about 75) never saw the ball in the first two games - 2-9 and 1-9. Came back in the third to win 10-9 but fell back to lose the fourth 6-9.

Final result 13-5

10th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

An inauspicious but tense start to our campaign for the 2008 crown. After a bye last week, the first match was against the Old Edwardians and one Old Edwina on their home turf.

No. 4 – Paul was up first against Carryn - a woman on the comeback trail from some debilitating accident. Paul didn’t sympathize with that though and took the first game tidily and was ready to mop up in three. Carryn faked a bit of a limp to get Paul to drop his guard and took two quick(ish) games before Paul rallied to take the fourth. Here’s where the worry set in. Paul hasn’t been known to come out tops in the fitness stakes and now we were landed with a 5 setter. Would our boy disappoint, or would there be some hidden reserves there to pull it off. No, he disappointed and crumbled 9 – 1. Down 3 sets to 2. Hot dang, the first match of the season didn’t go our way. Lost 2-3.

No. 1 – Thomas was up against a nemesis from his schoolboy days, Arne. Didn’t see this game but it seems that Tom went to sleep for 2 games and then woke up with a jolt in the third to try and wrestle the match back. Too late though ‘cos Arne had his number (no, not phone number) and took the last game 9 – 7. Ooh, this was hurting, first two matches of the new season down. Lost 0-3.

No. 2 – Phil Norton was up against the team captain, Stephan. After the first couple of points it was apparent that this was going to be a marathon match. The Old Eds courts were at about 40 deg C and the ball was staying up like inflation. Neither player was giving up on anything and some of the points were so long that the marker went out for a cigarette while they were being played. Phil won the first two games and, in true Norton style, decided that he wasn’t ready to let the match finish just yet so he foolishly gave his opponent the next two. From there he decided he’d at least give the team a chance at the title shot and used a dubious let call to take the game away from Stephan winning 9-5 in the last. Won 3-2.

No. 3 – Nigel vs Asaf(??), a late arrival fill-in. It was left to the captain to bring glory to the team. Unfortunately, he would have to win 3 – 0 and only lose four points in the process if Chambers was to take the evening. It started with a 9 – 2 win in the first game. Hmm, it was going to be a bit tough winning the next two games with only two points to give away. Too tough, as it turned out. Next two games were won 9 – 7 and 9 – 3. Match won 3-0, but a loss for the team by 7 points.

Some of the pain was washed away by a few beers in the pub after the game. A little early for COTY nominations, but Thomas does deserve a worthy mention for thinking that the pub menu entry: “Single Burger – 35” meant that it was a 35 gram patty and not a R35 burger…

Final result 9-11

11th LEAGUE vs Alberton

Just when the 11th League thought that the start to their 2008 campaign couldn't get any worse, it did.
We went down 1-16 to Alberton on Wednesday evening.

Graeme Cumming lost 0-3 to Andy
Johan Carstens lost 1-3 to Harry
Roger Johnston lost 0-3 to Corne
Johan Mare lost 0-3 to William

Final result 2-16

9th league vs. Bryanston

Graham Vermaak No 1
Graham played great squash. After being two games down, he fought back to win it 3-2. A very entertaining game with two equally matched opponents.

Dave Hamilton No 2
Dave was a bit rusty and battled to get into a good rhythm. After levelling the match at 1-1, he let it slip and lost 1-3. He need's to come to practice on a Monday evening.

Peter Le Roux No 3
Peter made life difficult for himself as he made too many mistakes. Fortunately his opponent did the same. After being 2-1 up he let it slip and soon had match point against him at 5-8 in the 5th. Fortunately he made amends and fought back to win it 10-8 and the match 3-2.

Gavin Martin No 4
Gavin showed his class and won the battle of the boasts, cruising to a 3-1 win.

Match result: 13-8

8th League vs. Bryanston

I got there first. Was welcomed by their no 1 and 4. So guess which I chose ? Turned out a good choice --- piece of cake and up we go 3 -- 0.

Nick and Doc Fallon then arrive together and on goes Nick at # 3. Also just to easy and Papa quickly walks off 3 - 0 up. So far so good.

Bruce arrives late and demands preferential booking. Based on his performance last week. Application granted immediately and on he goes at # 1. And what can we say -- another oscar performance goes his way. Badly beaten in the first but came to stun his opponent and bring the gallery to their feet. Time and again. And then walked off 3 - 1 up.

Last on Doc F at # 2. Who promptly followed Bruce with an oscar of his own --- for best supporting actor. A great show to be sure. Up and down and all the way to a 5 setter. Could have gone either way but eventually succumbed at the very end. 2 - 3 down.

So overall 14 -- 4 up and the game is on.

Ended off on a pleasant note with a braai outside the courts and an early night --- by our standards.

7th League vs. Jeppe

Your sporting correspondent had the pleasure (nay.. Honour) of attending the squash match between Jeppe and Chamber 7th. What started off as a dark and stormy night, remained dark, but not so stormy. Andy, who discovered that Paul Loake has both a strict approach to winning as well as a lack of a sense of humor to losing, found himself demoted to number three after a stunning loss the previous week. Irked by this, Andy produced an amazing display of squash, only confusing the crowed a few times as to whether that last shot was a lob or a drop. His opponent, who had no respect for good shots, ran everything down, but bit succumbed to the 'Ole Dog', 3-0

Jacques opponent had a crisis at home, and needed to play next, rushing on the co
urt, as well as around it. An ex Tennis player, he astounded all with his 'Pistol Pete' serves and all-round power play. In the first game, Jacques was less impressed than the now swelling crowd, and punished him to take the game. The next two were closer, with Jacques working hard to earn the nickname 'Costas', as he lost them 10-8 and 10-8. Even though he was seeing the ball as big as George's stomach, he could not claw his way back and succumbed 3-1 to the Jeppe import.

Next was Stuart 'The Bandit" Vey, who quickly realised that his tall opponent did not like bending down and reaching up. Or moving back or forward for that matter. Reaching in his pocket, he grabbed something and squeezed, and produced the kind of ladies squash that we have all grown to love, but clearly his opponent just did not. Another
satisfying 3-0 win by the Chamber Blokes.


Then for the final game, with no pressure on him, Big George strode onto the court with his opponent, respectfully also calling himself George. The first game was long and tough, with an interesting blend of strategies and tactics. Big G forced himself into the lead and took the game. However the other George was not done, and fought back to win the second. But then he was done. Big George took out his running game and his touch racket and quickly closed out the next two games to win 3-1.
We then retired to the lower courts to watch two other home teams tussle it out, and again took advantage of Nuno's on the way home. It seems that Jeppe was not too keen to join us."

Match score: 13-4

6th League “B” vs “A”

The night has arrived even if it was a little early in the season, as the “B for best” team prefers to build themselves up throughout the season. The “A team” pitch for their match but they only have 4 players where they asked if the reserve could also play, was this an indication of their commitment?

On first the legendry Hannibal versus our Phil. Phil took the first two games easily and then remembered how long it took Hannibal to get over his loss against Ryan so he relaxed. Hannibal had a plan and reverted to old mans squash which saw him take the next two games. Phil gave him the last game purely out of respect for the grey hair. Hannibal 3 – Phil 2

Next on was Ryan versus Faceman. Each took a game and then Ryan noticed that Faceman did not have a hair out of place and not a drop of perspiration. This threw him and he lost the next game to love as well as the last. Faceman 3 – Ryan 1

The A team sent our best player to the back court, Flip against Mr T. Flip was all over the court and left Mr T stunned. This plan did not work and Flip emerged the winner Flip 3 – Mr T 1

Onto the final match and its Duncan against Mad (tin) Murdock. Mad Murdock took the first and thought this is easy. Duncan came back easily as the “tin” came into play for Mad Murdock. The next two games went one each way, again the tin playing a big part for Mad Murdock. Onto the final game and a worried look on the A Team (was this plan not going to come together?). Somehow Mad Murdock worked out the height of the tin and this caused Duncan to lose concentration. Mad Murdock 3 – Duncan 2

The B(best) team would have hated to be the cause of a plan not coming together so we gave this one to the A team (8-13).

See you next round.

Match result : 8-13

6thLeague “A” vs“B”

The match up against the Wannabee “B” team was billed as the match of the year …well ok, at least of the week. Alas it was to be a bit of a damp squib as the Mighty A team cruised to victory with effortless aplomb.

First up was the banker of the team, no not me, but John, and up against him was the hitherto undefeated Mr Maxton (well one insignificant loss at the end of last season hardly counts). While John was warming up and attuning to the court conditions he sportingly allowed Phil to take the first two games just to keep things interesting. Once warm and in the groove, it was plain sailing as John easily walked the next three games hardly breaking a sweat in the process. (3-2)

Next was yours truly up against the formidable Ryan. In a match of deft touch and high skill with countless subtle drops, cunning reverse boasts and exquisite lobs there was little power play on show as the first two games were shared. Tired of the cat and mouse approach I reverted to tried and trusted methods and took the third game to love. In the fourth I lured Ryan into a false sense of security letting him go 8-5 up before sneakily ambushing the game 10-8 (3-1)

With the match virtually wrapped up, on went our whipper snapper, Graeme, against a resurgent Flip. There was no sign of Flip’s gammy tennis elbow and crocked knee as he somewhat unbelievably managed to sneak the match in four action packed games in a match punctuated by much diving and scrambling around the court. (1-3)

So by this stage the Wannabees thought they were in with a shout if they won the last match of the evening. Alas it was nothing more than wishful thinking as the wily Ron proved yet again that age can, and often does, prevail over youth (Duncan). Ron thought that it would be fun if he gave the second and fourth games to Duncan to keep the interest in what would have otherwise been another rather dull win. With Duncan thinking that if he won the final game of the evening and restricted Ron to 4 points the Wannabees may somehow pull off a memorable win. Master Ron had other ideas as he covered the court as he had in the first game due to his legendary fitness and skill and easily won the final game. (3-2)

The games were 13-8 and the points difference 132 – 126, which belied the consummate ease with which the match was won. The Wannabees will just have to up their game if they hope to mount a serious challenge to the Mighty A team.

With the match secured, we retired to Nunos to reflect.

Match result : 13-8

5th LEAGUEvs Dainfern

Trevor won 3-2 against a hard running Mark. Trevor managed to win after tightening up his game.

The match was a lengthy 1hr20, especially for the marker, being myself!

All 3 of us finished exhausted.

Shaun won 3-1. Very comfortable. In fact, Shaun fell asleep in the 4th.

Vevek won 3-0 It's those awkward, nippy, cut off backhand drops that do the damage.

Dave won 3-1 A bit of a bruiser. My opponent dived for more than 4 of my shots and got 1 or 2 back!! Also the quickest way to the ball is the straightest route, even if it is 150 metres away. Being the old man that I am, often I was not expedient enough in getting out of the way of the "Juggernaut" - and paid the consequences.

Unfortunately none of the opposition joined us for a meal at Nuno's. We were even spurned by both our 6th league sides.

We are receiving personality coaching, well Trevor is!

Match Result: 16-4

3rd LEAGUE vs Bryanston

We played Bryanston Sports last night, 1 Chamber Exiles exile in their team – Bert Hipner (spelling?). Bert was expecting to see John Shannon in the team and even wore his Chamber squash shirt (the one with all the names on the front). He sent regards to John and all at Chamber that remember him.

Francisco played Peter, a very handy player who did the splits multiple times fetching the ball. I don’t think Peter will lose many in this league; but he did lose last night. He took Francisco to 8 all in the first 2 games, but Francisco narrowly won them both 10-9, 10-8. Third game Francisco was 2-0 up when the marker called 2-1. Francisco disagreed, but the marker said it’s 2-1, so Francisco said start the game again. They went back to 0-0 and Francisco beat him 9-0. He said afterwards that he wanted it to be 9-0 that’s why he started the game again. Later Peter said he thought he was fit and he thinks he’s getting sick because his thighs are hurting.

Willem played Jan Combrigge (again spelling?) who beat Willem last time they played. In spite of Willem just wanting to leave to go pack for his skiing holiday with this lovely companion, he took care of business and cleaned up. Later Jan told me he plays squash about 10 times a week. Didn’t help, he didn’t get a game.

Gary played boom boom Bert. Bert broke his strings in the knock up. Borrowed a racquet. Didn’t like it. After losing the first borrowed a racquet from Jeff, broke this one. Borrowed another racquet from Jeff which he managed to use till the end. Bert started to play great shots in the third (being 2-0 down) and started to get back into the game. He won the third and started the 4th the same racing well ahead. But, Gary wore him down and managed to win that game and the match. Boom boom was not looking as fit as days of old.

Jeff played big Mike (Spence I think), and with a strapped ankle managed to do his usual and go 2-0 up and then go walk about. Lost the third, but came back to take the match.

Francisco 3-0

Willem 3-0

Gary 3-1

Jeff 3-1

Match Result: 16-2

Ladies 4th LEAGUE 02 vs Edenvale

We lost 7 - 9 also on points.

Megan played like a star and won 3 - 0.

Pat played at 3 and wom 3 - 1.

Caroline lost at 2

Jenny managed to get a game but lost 1 - 3.

Overall result 7-9

Ladies 3rd LEAGUE 01 vs Pirates

Overall result 10-8 from a points count out of 104-101

Lisa won 3-1

Julie won 3-1

Claire lost1-3

Lynda lost 1-3

All the matches were hard with lots of red faces and "sweaty" bodies at the end, much better games than the previous week, lets hope we can keep going this way.

Well done girls

Overall result 10-8