Ruling on PAR Scoring in South Africa

2nd February 2009

To all provincial Chairpersons: players.


The WSF, which is focusing on the Olympic Bid, decided that as from 1st April 2009 all World Championships will be played on the PAR Scoring.

PSA and WISPA already use the scoring system.

They did however suggest that : PAR to 11 scoring be used for all National and Regional events : that PAR to 15 or HiHo (the present scoring system – hand in hand out) be alternatives.

The European Squash Association will use PAR to 11 scoring across the board.

Canada, New Zealand, Australia have proposed that all national and regional events be PAR to 11.

At the Convention held in Johannesburg in November 2008 it was agreed that :

National, Provincial Open events should be played with PAR Scoring . S A Schools had adopted PAR scoring as from 1st January 2009 with the length of matches being carefully monitored and any necessary adaptations made.

A panel of players agreed to adjudicate the system after some consultation.

At a National Coaching and Refereeing Workshop hosted at the offices of Squash South Africa from 23-25 January 2009 attended by representatives from 12 provinces and 5 Associate Bodies, the following was unanimously proposed and has been accepted by the panel (3-1) which was formed at the Convention in November 2008.

PAR 11 to be used for : Jarvis /Kaplan Cup All sections

SACD All sections

National Championships

A sections of Provincial Open/Closed Championships

A sections of Grand Prix/Satellite events

Men’s and Women’s First league in major provinces

PAR 15 to be used for : All Lower sections of Provincial Open/ Grand Prix/ Satellite events

For 2nd and lower men’s and women’s league PAR 15 .

Junior Championships PAR to be used throughout with the under 14’s, 16’s ,19’s playing to 11.

Masters will consult and revert to Squash South Africa as to what they recommend. It was proposed that the A sections play PAR to 11. Other sections PAR to 15. A reminder that at 10 all or 14 all the winner will be the player who goes clear by two points.

It was felt that:

2 systems would confuse both the players and the spectators.

By using either PAR to 11 or Par to 15 it is the same system – earn a point whether serving or not.

Competitive play should be PAR while the recreational player can use the system they prefer.

A number of juniors play senior league so there must be uniformity.

The match time is already showing signs of increase as the players get used to the PAR system.

Every point is now important so the level of the standard of play could improve.

It is an experimental period world wide.

It is proposed that all provinces adopt the proposal and implement as soon as possible as a number are already starting league.

Provinces are requested to provide Squash South Africa with regular feedback on the questionaires which will be sent out.

Liz Addison