Chamber at The Jock Squash Tournament - Nelspruit

What follows is the initial tournament report: 

The Lowveld Master's Tournament in Nelspruit & surrounds has been around for 23 years now. But don't be fooled into assuming that we are any where near being Masters of the Art of Squash

The only qualifications of entry being that one knows which end of a racquet to point at the ball,  ability to socialise and be mildly competitve - dodgy knees come as standard -  and to be over 35 years of age.  Buying beer for The Chairman helps with the selection process.

Exceptions can be made for younger ringers who squeak in below the age group... Afterall, we need someone in the squad who remembers what running is about! Chamber Exiles historically send a huge team, and our women's brigade often ally with other Gauteng players from Modders and thus, insist on being  called Chamberfontein... it's just easier...

Teams compete from all over the country and often 1 or 2 from beyond, and I don't just mean  Fish Hoek - we only very occasionally have the need to raise a glass to our opponents!

No team wins and no team loses at the end of the weekend. It's just squash in foreign climes with friends, a disturbingly decent level of squash and the very commonly regular bloke in a skort.

Hot Ginger
Shelley Manning


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