Final Results... SNAKES ALIVE

And so..................that was that for another year.

For those who weren't at the prizegiving yesterday, the sad news is that the "popular" Sidewinders were pipped at the post, not by one team but by 3 teams.

Well done to the Black Mambas
who slithered thr
ough at the death to beat the Vipers into 2nd place by 1 point and the Anacondas by 2 points.

Hope everybody enjoyed it, there were some great matches over the Summer League and culminated in a marathon doubles match yesterday between Gary and Paul vs George and Manie. Gary and Paul eventually winning 17-16 in the 5th.

Joanne Giles got the best record award and Chris van Zyl the worst record award.

of the year was awarded to George Palmer for his efforts at putting the club on the map by developing and maintaining the clubs web-site.

Keith Arnott got the COTY award for not only wearing the brightest kit on court yesterday but also for packing his racket away (and the ball) when 2-1 down in a doubles match. He had to be dragged back on court by his partner to finish the match - was a beer calling Keith?.

Watch the web-site over the next few days for the photos.

Thanks to everybody for playing - see you next year for the Handicap Tournament.