The New Look Chamber Squash Club

Some stunning work has been done on both the outside and the inside of the courts lately. On the outside the trees have been trimmed allowing for more light and warmth to stream into the court. So far the results have been very impressive. The outside has been painted and looks stunning against the backdrop of the new gardens. Paving was also put in to great effect.

Inside, all the courts were sanded and re-painted. Unfortunately for the scribe, his request to make the 'tins' a few inches lower were not entertained.... Court 1 has been painted in a nice chilling baby blue colour in line with the "Ice Chamber" nickname of the courts. However this is now contrasted nicely with the bright yellow court right next door. The viewing area has also been re-done and looks very impressive. Overall Courts 1 and 2 are of a really high standard.

Even the main entrance to the court has been jacked up. Gone are the blinds allowing for some fresh sunlight to stream through like never before. All the accolades the club as gathered over the past years have been put up on the wall and area has been repainted.

Well done to all that were involved.