First Match Reports of 2011

Ladies 3rd LEAGUE vs UJ

Good start for the ladies

Fefi lost 1-3
Heather won 3-0
Audrey won 3-1
Julie won 3-2

Typical UJ – no food and no drinks offered

Overall result : 13-6

Ladies 4th LEAGUE 02 vs Chamber 03

Apparently this match was closer than it sounds

Jenny won 3-1 against Sonelle
Josephine lost 0-3 against Alma
Pat lost 0-3 to Belinda
Kelly lost 0-3 Caroline

Overall result: 4 - 13


 Ladies 4th LEAGUE 03 vs Chamber 02

The reverse of the above 

Overall result: 13 - 4


1st  LEAGUE vs Suburbs

The first 1st league match at Chamber for about 15 years and a good crowd gathered to watch.

Francisco on first against the English blonde Lauren (she used to play at the same club as Kingsley in the UK apparently). The first game went to Frankie 11-0. Was this a mis-match. Nope – Lauren started showing why she was a top UK player and took the match to 5. Francisco eventually winning a great match 3-2.

The next 3 matches were 1-way traffic. Kelvin showed how he beat Craig van der Wath the previous weekend in the Grand Prix winning 3-0. Mwansa and Gareth then finished off the night both with 3-0 wins.

So a great start to the campaign.

Match Result: 16 - 2



First match of the season was against Country Club, almost went to Auckland Park and then saw the subtle Woodmead on the webpage. Luckily I managed to divert all the players in time.

Gary played first against an injured Arthur and won comfortably.

Jeff played next against (their first) Mike, lost the first, was 14-8 up in the 2nd and lost that. Managed to win the 3rd, but wasn’t in the game for the 4th.

Stan played against (their second) Mike, who was a great shots player but just couldn’t run with our Stan. Stan lost the first, but was in control for the next 3.

(Our) Mike played last against Alan, Jeff marked. Alan got to a point where he was querying every call. He even told Jeff to read the rule book and that you can get a stroke for side wall. In spite of all the antics, it was a good match with Mike only managing to win 1 game.

Stan 3-1
Mike 1-3
Jeff 1-3
Gary 3-0

Result: 10-7 (We won by a game)

 Match result : 10 - 7


4th League  vs Parkview

Ryan played ? and despite getting to 2-2, could not manage to close out the 5th. Lost 3-2

Flip played ? and although waking up and playing excellently in the 2nd, lost 3-1

Dave played Hano, who fortunately had already played business league (and lost), allowing Dave to win 3-1 when his legs fell off.

Chris played Herman (new to Parkview from Vaal Triangle), and he was only asked to play after a session in the gym earlier in the day. CvH managed to win 3-1 after losing the 1st.

Result, Win 11-8

Match result : 12 – 5

5thth League  “the G Team” vs Pirates

The mighty “G” team took to the courts at Chamber vying with the 1st league for support (and not getting much – especially when the blonde lady was playing)

G-spot (aka last years Silver Fox) won comfortably at No 2,  3-1.

Tiny G flattered to deceive and after winning the 1st went down 3-1 at No 4

G-string took the first 2 and then lost the next 2 before pulling himself towards himself and winning the 5th fairly easily

LG played on a back court so didn’t have any support but still thrashed his opponent who was a new member to Pirates

Match result : 13 - 6

6th League A vs

First game of the season.

Jacques got proceedings underway with a tightly contested and somewhat physical encounter, losing 3 -2 after what he said was a continuation of his “shit squash from last year”. Probably overly critical – it was a hard running game against Peter who’s body never quite got the message to his brain that it was tired.

Commercial break – entertainment between matches was provided by the 1st league team, and a somewhat attractive blonde from the opposing side.

Stuart went on next, and managed to get the game over before his opponent could look past his slung arm and find his sweet-spot (or the ball) 3 – 0.

Manie snuck onto a spare court, and emerged 0-3 down, unsighted by the scribe for the night. So I will make some assumptions around fitness and the “start of season blues”  - although if you could judge a book by its cover, his opponent had the advantage in both the age and shape departments.

At number 1, Gavin G up against an unlikely looking Jeremy, was looking to steal the match with a promising 1- 0 start. The captain’s misguided leadership skills were evident when, wishing to impress the importance of a 3 – 0 win in the break,  he merely succeeded in unravelling Gavin’s illustrious start. Gavin ended up on the wrong end of a series of somewhat spastic boasts from his opponent, succumbing 3 – 1.

Overall result  1 – 3 down.

Match result : 6 - 12


6th League vs Bryanston

It wasn’t looking good for the start of the season with a good part of the team off in far flung corners of the globe – Lyal charming the Argentine ladies, Mark injecting some life into the Capetonians and Brennan wary of the courts to keep his hamstrings in pristine condition for the powdery slopes in Switzerland. But in the end it wasn’t us who couldn’t put up a team. Bryanston called in the afternoon to let us know that they couldn’t make it. I maintain that our reputation preceded us and that they took flight in fear. They were running away like a dictator in north Africa. So, easy points for us in the season opener. Let’s hope that next week we actually get a game, but the points are accumulated in a similar fashion.

Match score: 16 - 0


7th League vs. Winchester

No report

Match score:


7th B League vs. Edenvale

No report but……………

Peter F lost 2-3
Digby lost 0-3
Peter Le R lost 1-3
David won 3-1

Match result : 6 - 13


9th LEAGUE vs Germiston

Well, this was a bit of a warm up match, being the first match of the season and against one of the better sides from last year. We also have a number of new players … and a new captain. We reflect a mixture of youth and experience, so I reckon we’re poised for good things!
Turning to the match, first up, leading from the front and playing a captains knock Gabriel won 3-1. Not pretty but at least a good win at no 3.
Next up was Stratford our youth program player. Coming off a recent injury and showing a little inexperience, he went down 3-1, playing at no 2.
This was followed by Vince, our wiley strategist, who had the mental beating of his opponent but not (yet!) the physical fitness….watch this space. Vince went down 3-0, but showing lots of potential at no 1.
Lastly, Roger who has not quite got back the killer instinct of last year, spent too much time trying to hit the ball back to his opponent. This so his opponent didn’t have to work too hard! Roger lost 3-1, playing at no 4.

Match result : 5 - 13


10th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

No report but…………….

Brian lost 0-3
Johan won 3-0
Paddy won 3-0
Bob won 3-2

Final result : 12 - 5