10th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

Although it was Election Day both teams were happy to play this fixture even after some fairly long lunches but I’m happy to report that all these keen squash players showed remarkable restraint in limiting their alcohol intake in the interests of their respective teams and all players (and supporters) arrived on time and sober with brown left thumb-nails!

No1 – First up was Brian playing Riaan and after a quick hiding (7/15), Brian dug up his usual dogged resolve and a took the second game. This faded a little in the third which he lost to make the contest interesting. To be honest the rest of us were rather nervous as Brian looked whacked at this stage being two - one down with Riaan looking relaxed and smiling and hardly sweating. But, Dear Reader, this is Swiegers we are talking about and he has the guts of Ben Hur and went on to take the next two games with the paramedics in attention at the door! When will Brian do some exercise between league games! Nevertheless a good start with a 3/2 win.

No2 – Next on was Paddy. What was that I said about restraint at lunch-time? Paddy took the first game against 19 year old Michael but then faded badly looking like he had been to his son-in-law’s birthday lunch at the Troyville Hotel and lost the next three on the trot. On investigation that is exactly what had happened – lunch at the Troyville! Where is this man’s loyalty to the team? Two matches played – one each but we were a game down.

No3 – Des on next, looking very smart in a new, clean pair of shorts (we hope those porno khaki’s have actually been thrown out by Debbie) and up against a tubby Gareth who was not in team colours (the only player from either team not wearing a team shirt). We felt very comfortable looking at the two physiques and were expecting an easy win. But, again Dear Reader, squash is a funny game and we should know that looks do not determine the ability of a player. True to expectation Des took the first game  but then maybe relaxed too much and was suddenly at one all. Gareth had some of the most amazing drop-shots seen in 10th League which did have Des frustrated at times but again, with true Chamber 10th League grit, Des played his heart out and took the match 3/1.

No4 – On last with the pressure building – we needed to win this one to win the contest – was Bob. But, no stranger to pressure, Bob knew that he had beaten young Peter last season rather comfortably and when you’re 63 a year in time is nothing so he was confident of another win this time. However young Peter has spent the past year in the gym and had gained about 10 kilos of pure muscle and it wasn’t so easy. Bob lost the first game trying to match the power-hitting but then took stock and decided to play old-man’s squash and slow the pace down and once he could keep the body-builder behind him a simple slow drop to the front wall was all that was needed to take the next three games.

Good result for Chamber – WON 3/1

RESULT – 13/7

Final result : 13 - 7