6th B League vs Parkview

And so it came to pass that Chambers played Parkview. The much talked about and hyped up game mentioned by our venerable chairman in several circulars. And the crowds were there in droves to bear witness to the contest. Apparently our 1st league was also playing them, but that’s besides the point.

On first at No. 2 it was Mark vs Jason. Jason looked to be in the later stages of high school with all the promise and enthusiasm of youth. Unfortunately for him, Mark is a dasher of youthful hope and sent his younger opponent to all corners of the court. Full of running was Jason and Mark was happy to make him chase. In clinical fashion Mark kept it tight and with finely measured length to finish it in three and maintain stamina for the Sani to Sea which was to start on the Wednesday (won 3 – 0).

Next up at No. 1 Phil took on Gui in the match of the night. Though not quite on par with our 1st leaguers at the front of the club there was some definite class on display. Gui was skillful at killing any loose shots and Phil had the advantage in the mobility stakes. What followed was psychological battle of sorts, with each player vying for the upper hand, gaining it and then losing it again. Like the Municipal battle for Midvaal, it could have gone either way. But this clearly wasn’t a democratic outcome as, despite the support, we couldn’t swing a victory for Phil (lost 2-3).

Simultaneously Lyal was playing Bernhard on the adjacent court. I didn’t get to see this game, but, by all accounts it was a mismatch of some margin and Lyal swept away with the honours in short order. Seems as if Lyal’s match winning hunger has been rekindled. Either that or the support from injured teammate Brennan is having a marked effect – steel plate in arm and all. (won 3 – 0).

On last at No. 3 it was Nigel vs Kyle. Kyle was keen to get a victory out of this game, but came up short. Literally. The little guy was only about 3 feet tall. I felt like Gulliver in Lilliput. And I finally have the perspective of our esteemed 10th League where everyone they play is at least 20 yrs their junior. Kyle has only just started high school, though he plays squash in the Gauteng U16 side. Under threat from Digby that if I lost, I would have to rescind my club membership in embarrassment, I had to make sure that I beat the child (sounds bad, but I don’t mean it like that). Being so short, Kyle’s height is a serious disadvantage when up against taller opponents – even my drop shots were lobbing him… The game wasn’t too tough and quickly over, but give this guy another couple of years and a foot more height and he’ll be a handful on court (won 3 – 0).

All wrapped up by 8pm and in time to watch the 1st League action on the front courts.

Match score: 14 - 3