2nd LEAGUE vs Bryanston

First half we beat them 14-6. Last night we lost by a game. (No Stan.)

First up was Willem against Claire Nitch (again). Carbon copy of first match – Willem 2-1 up and then someone p’s Claire off and Willem doesn’t see the ball for the rest of the match.

Gary next against (an on fire) Andrew Copeland. 3-0 down in under half an hour.

Jeff played (the player formerly known as Boom-Boom) Bert Hipner. Needed to win 3-0 to counter Gary’s match, but we all know Jeff doesn’t like to win 3-0. Jeff thought of making it his usual 5-setter but managed to fend off multiple game points in the 4th to win the match.

Last up Robbie against Michael (again). Robbie beat him 3-1 in the first match. This time Michael was 2-1 up and then tweaked a glute. Retired hurt.

Willem: 2-3
Robbie: 3-2
Gary: 0-3
Jeff: 3-1
Overall result: Lost 8 - 11