5th League vs Southern Suburbs

Our last hard match of the season (theoretically)

The King was forced to go on first after just having had his “tea” and nobody else there at 7h00. The first 2 games were quickly lost and life was looking bad. But the King isn’t called the King for nothing and the gears started to click in. The 4th was close but he snuck in and the 5th was even closer but again he sneaked in. Well done the King on yet another “royal” winning gala performance.

G-Bow on next, against young Kyle, who looks about 12 but is actually 16. A good 3-2 win for G-Bow.

Grrrrrrrrich justifying his No 2 ranking thrashed his opponent 3-0.

LG then on last nervously knowing that if he lost, the 16-pointer would be thrown away. Not wanting the losing mantle and certain ridicule from his team-mates, LG decided life was good…………….and won 3-1.

That puts us 16 points clear at the top with 3 games to play. Can we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – watch this space.

Overall result: Won 16 – 5