2014 Chamber Exiles Club Championships

Here are the results of the 2014 Chamber Exiles Club Championships finals held in December, they were:

Mens Final :                        David Kind beat Peter Dickson                                   3-0

Ladies Final:                        Helena Kruger beat Joanne Malan                           3-0

Mens 3rd & 4th :                 Phil Rainbow beat Jeff Davidson                               3-0

Mens Plate Final:             Anthony Yates beat David Hamilton                        3-0

Ladies Plate Final:            Chrisna van Antwerpen beat Mandy Poole          3-1 (I think Mandy got 1)

Mens 2 Plate:                    Bruce Bydawell beat Danie Visser                             3-2

Mens 3 plate:                    Andrew McKeaveney beat Ryan Chegwidden    3-2 (not sure about the 2)

Mens Wally Plate:            Michael Hunt beat Matium van Antwerpen         3-1

The VERY PRESTIGIOUS Shagger Cup :    Jae Lee beat Gary Alter                 3-2

A very BIG thanks to Gavin Bowes and his company AshBow for his generous sponsorship of the prizes.

Other awards for last year were:

Sportsman of the Year:                 Peter Dickson ( a close decision by previous SOTY winners)

COTY:                                                John Shannon (very dubious decision by Dave Peacock)

Scribe of the Year:                          John Shannon (another very dubious decision by Michael Hunt and George Bowen)