2014 WannabeEZ Challenge Results

For a number of years, the WannabeEZ Challange (previously known as the Lower Leagues Tournament) has been hosted by the Chamber Exiles squash club on behalf of Central Gauteng Squash. The final results are attached.

There were 3 great finals last night with lots of other good matches as well. The Ladies and Mens A-Section finals both went to 5 sets and both could have gone either way.

The main results were:

Men’s C-Section:             Andrew Berry                    3              Nealon Burger   1

Men’s B-Section :            Danie Visser                      3              Trevor Dudley     0

Men’s A-Section:             Paul Fourie                        3              David Kind          2

Ladies B-Section:              Denise Gardner               3             Belinda Crots      0

Ladies A-Section:             Sunette Schoonraad        3              Robyn Boy         2

There was a great turn-out at the finals last night, must have been 80-100 people there  (I’m sure the free food and booze had nothing to do with it). Well done to all the players who were involved.

Thanks to everybody for making the the WannabeEZ Challenge a success and a special thanks to all the sponsors (see their logo's on the right of this page). Please support them as they support us.

There was also a note of Appreciation from Central Gauteng Squash :

Well done John

Your club and tournament team’s commitment is the driving force behind the success of this event.
It has truly become a major fixture of the Central Gauteng Squash’s tournament calendar.

Thanks once again.

Barry Hendricks
Central Gauteng Squash