New Membership Cards


Hi all Chamber members,


It is very sad and dis-heartening that black marks are appearing on some of the courts (Court 2 and 5 especially) and this can only be due to NON-members playing in black-soled marking shoes (I can’t believe any members would consider playing in marking shoes). We take pride in keeping the courts in good condition and the fact that cleaning of each court costs R1500 and sanding probably R4000-R5000 per court makes this a very expensive exercise when the courts are abused.


In the past we have been very relaxed as to the number of guests that members are allowed. From now on a member can bring a maximum of 2 guests to play and the member MUST be present the entire time. 


This is an effort to stop the court abuse and all members must also use the on-line booking system to book courts (even in non-peak times) so that court usage can be monitored. This is not difficult.


So that Collett knows who is a member or not and who to sell tokens to, we will be issuing all members with membership cards.


We will also be changing the code for the entrance gate over the weekend as well and will let you know the new one when complete. Please do not tell non-members what the code is.


PLEASE if you see anybody playing in, what look like, marking shoes, take the members details and kick them off the court.


I know that 95% of the members are not abusing the membership but as always in life it is the last 5% ruining it for the rest.