12th LEAGUE vs Pirates

A very confidence shattering loss at home to Pirates. The only thing that woke the team up was Des flirting with the waitress at the dinner after the game.

Brian playing No. 1 was first up and after a sterling effort controlling the game in the beginning and even holding the lead at times, eventually went down 0-3 to a very determined opponent.

Geoff playing No. 2. took it to 5 sets and looked as if he might take the 5th game and the match but youth held out and a couple of times into the tin for Geoff cost him the match.

Des playing No. 3 put up his usual fight to the death. After receiving a wake up call by losing the first game 1-9, Des called up his reserves and thrashed his opponent in the next three games taking the match 3-1.

John playing at No. 4 was not certain when his game actually started and even before he realised it was over, he had handed a 0-3 win to his opponent. It is doubtful if he even hit the ball above the tin more than a couple of times in the entire match.

Overall result loss 5 – 13.

Bob and Paddy joined the evening as spectators and drowned their sorrows at their teams disappointing loss with plenty of red wine and pizzas afterwards.

Final result 5 - 13