8th League vs. Old Eds

Bad Night at Black Rock

"Well it shouldn't take you to long to write the report" was the spot on comment coming from Mike H after the saga.

Vs Olds Eds away last night had only two redeeming features --- our team spirit as good as ever with the full squad pitching up to support an away game --- and the beverages afterwards were cold.

On first was Mark who put up a good fight but went down 1 - 3.

Next Bruce and exactly the same story and scoreline.

Then Doc Fallon and more of exactly the same.

Last myself and again the same --- except for the score. It changed to 0 - 3.

So overall 3 - 16 down and just one of those bad nights. And so too a final farewell to any league ambitions. My guess is we'll finish around 4th.

Match score: 3 - 16