6th League “B” vs Northcliff

First game of the season and the team agree that we need to do well and show the “wannebee A team” what they are up against.

Northcliff also got promoted from the 7th league last year and gave the Chamber team (Winners of 7th league) a run for their money in the second half of last year. I think they have been spending many hours in the pub working on their strategy for the new season and will eventually move from the pub onto the courts in the second half again. This is what they have promised us.

On first at number 4 a rejuvenated Dirk who finished before I could even get to the court 9-4, 9-1 and 9-5 (3-0)

Ryan on second at number 2. Going down in the first 2-9 this did not look good, coming back in the second to take it 10-8 you could see his opponent had used all he had to try take that game. The next two went pretty easily 9-6 and 9-2 (3-1)

Phil on at number one next. The first few rallies seemed to last forever and had the undoing of his opponent. Phil cruised through 9-5 9-2 9-3 (3-0)

On at number 3 was yours truly. The guy I was playing was complaining about a late night before the game started so the least we could do was end early and give him an early night 9-1 9-1 9-2 (3-0)

Ryan promised to make up for the game he lost next week (beware wannebees). A great start with a 16-1 win and the evening ended off with a good pizza at Lucio’s.

Match result : 16-1