7th League vs. Dainfern

1st match for 7th league against Dainfern, the other side promoted from 8th last year. Andy at no 2, on first went down 3-0 (my excuse the temperature was still about 30 degrees outside and about 40 on court!). George on next at 1 winning a tight match 3-0 to level the score. Stuart next at 3 and far too clever for his opponent, demoralizing him 9-0 in the first, and eventually taking it 3-1. The marathon was saved to last with Manie eventually outrunning his opponent to take the match 3-2. A 12-6 result, some good performances (3 out of 4 aint bad) and a good start to the season against a side that didn’t lose a match last season!

Match score: 12-6