6thLeague “A” vs Edenvale

The season got off to a solid start against a lackluster Edenvale team.

John Shannon kicked off against a sprightly 50 something year old (who looked no more than 40) who apparently was fitter than Jeff Davidson not too long ago. Some sublime touches saw John race to a 2-0 lead only to go to sleep in the third and somehow contrive to give a game away. Normal service was resumed in the fourth with John running out an easy winner. (3-1)

A rusty Graeme Rigby took the court next against a guy twice his age and then went on to prove that youth does not always prevail over experience! Graeme raced to 7-0 up in the first before eventually squeaking through 9-7. The next three games were evenly shared in a very up and down match only for Graeme to succumb rather easily in the fifth. (2-3)

With the match evenly poised, Gavin Bowes went on court to show how it should be done and barely broke a sweat in cleaning up in next to no time. (3-0)

Fortunately with the match already secured, it was left to the Richard and Harry show to entertain the crowds. Harry tried his best to put me off with his constant banter but it made little difference and I won comfortably. (3-0)

Overall – 14-4.

Bring on next Tuesday to sort out the men from the boys in 6th league!

Match result : 14-4