10th LEAGUE vs Wits

Maybe it was the alignment of the stars. Maybe it was the good, crisp, clean air of the home courts. Maybe it was the awesome and unstoppable talent of the mighty tenth league. Whatever the reason, this week saw us change a gear and get back on track against an admittedly weaker-than-usual Wits team.

No. 2 Tom vs Andre: Obviously rearing to go, Tom had his opponent 2 zip down by the time I got there. Clean hitting, good angles and never letting a mistake go unpunished saw Tom through to an easy victory, only dropping seven points in the process. Won 3-0.

No. 3 Phil A vs Andrew: Despite limited playing time for the last couple of weeks, Phil was straight down to business shooting two games up 9-2, 9-0. And here slipped in a few moments of madness where he let his opposite number in with a sniff of glory and let one game go. From there though, he must have decided that there were pressing matters to attend to and closed out the match quickly. Won 3-1.

No. 4 Nigel vs Ruben: Not much of a match to speak of. Ruben gives the impression of being something of a beginner who will probably be a lot better on the return leg of the league. This time though, he didn’t offer much resistance. Nigel won 3-0.

No. 1 Steph vs Jaycee: Playing last and with the match already won, the pressure was off Steph and he could have been kind and let Wits get some consolation points. But he didn’t. Of course, it helps to drive away any possible sympathies when you’re playing against someone who feels he has to spell his initials. There were a couple of good rallies but Steph’s boasts and tight drives proved too much. The fist pumping and shouts of anguish from Jaycee couldn’t save him. Steph won 3-1.

So, an unusually obsequious report, but deservedly so. Let’s hope the momentum carries through to next week.

Final result 16-2