6ththLeague “B”(Best) vs Bryanston

Off to Bryanston to play against the team that the 7th league managed to skip in the second half of last year. Once the league was finished and the 7th league team had won Colin was still trying to arrange this game that we missed earlier in the season.

Arrived at the club and the German stalwart was there, Reiner Moosemuller (played at Chamber many years ago). We had a grudge match to play so decided to take the court in the number 2 slot. I was 5-0 down and decided to wake up and take the next 9 points so 9-5 in the first. Second game was similar 4-0 down and then the drives and cross courts took their toll 9-6 to me. At this stage Reiner had all but given up so it was 9-0. Reiner promised a better game on the return. Chamber 3-0.

Flip took the court next at no 3 and questioned whether he was being used as a sacrifice, the answer was no. Now with such faith in the player he had to deliver. The first one seemed quite simple as his opponent kept hitting the tin 9-4 to Flip. The opponent was now getting his range but the old Flip started to emerge with nicks a plenty and lots of running 10-8 to Flip. Now the opponent was turning up the heat but Flip was up to the running, I think Flip had a game point or two against him but held up very well and won 10-8. A good result Chamber 3-0

Dirk on next against a rather large Steve. I think the optical illusion did it for Dirk, he tried to run Steve around and Steve responded by running and playing some good shots. First game 3-9. More of the same in the second but still Steve never tired and this frustrated Dirk 6-9. Time to change strategy and keep the rallies going, big effort in the last game but just came up short 7-9 Chamber 0-3 (Dirk will have to attend the next training session).

Phil on next and the picture changed somewhat with the last match. Phil was determined to prevent Vic from getting a sniff. In superb form Phil outplayed Vic and the match was done and dusted (not sure if either of them managed to build up much of a sweat) 9-3 9-1 9-1 Chamber 3-0

Had a lovely supper with great bunch of guys in a pub around the corner from Bryanston club

Match result : 8-13