7th League vs. Southern Suburbs

We all packed our bags and passports and headed out to the Sunny Southern Suburbs for a nice game of squash. Being friendly blokes, we had no problem at passport control although there was a small suspected steroid issue picked up at Customs, but we got through that after Andy admitted to needing the paste for his teeth.

Andy went on first and played some guy who looked like he had just got out of bed. Wearing silky shorts with cartoon characters on it clearly reminded Andy of a nasty experience in Boy Scouts, and the poor Chamber player looked like he could not hit a barn door with a shotgun, finally succumbing to the pyjama crusader, 3-0.

Next was Manie, who played a handy older player. In his usual "never say die" style, Manie punched above his weight class, and pulled off a stunning 3-2 Victory. His opponent got quite a few 'come hither' smiles from some of the ladies in the crowd, as he managed to be on top for a whole game, and still did not come first. Manie never led the final game, coming back from 8-3 down, to win 10-9.

George went on next, and continued his run of good form of late, crushing his opponent 3-0.

Then, on came the 'import' and ex team member, Duncan 'what you mean no let ?" le Grange, who met the second tennis player the team have met in two weeks. It was an awesome game, but in the end, the guy with the bigger lungs (not Duncan) emerged the winner, 3-1. His opponent had the most deceptive passing shot down the left side of the court, and he was a lefty as well, confusing both the player and marker on occasion. Lots of clean hitting by both resulted in a great spectacle.

So a narrow defeat to the 'burbs. There is always next time tho.

Match score: 7-10