10th LEAGUE vs Southern Suburbs

We played on two courts so a good match report is not possible

Nevertheless, Johan was up first @ # 4 against Justin, a youngster who ran all his shots down. After being 5-0 up in the first, Johan lost 15-17. Grumpy. In the second Johan got 9 points and in the third 12. Not good, 0/3 down

Des played at the same time as Johan @ # 3, he took no nonsense. Des played like a pro and cleaned up 3/0. Thanks for saving a white-wash Des 

Keith played @ # 2. His opponent was much stronger. Keith really tried hard, but could not quite get into the game. Keith went down 0/3. Grumpy

Brian played at the same time as Keith @ # 1. Brian played well, and also tried very hard, but lost the first two games. Loud encouragement and tremendous support from the team as well as sheer determination on Brian’s part resulted in him taking the third game. However, his stronger Suburbs opponent came back in the fourth and finished Brian off. Thanks for the game won Brian! So 1/3 down

Match score 4/12
We had an excellent dinner at Del Sol Madeira Restaurant in Regents Park 

Final result : 4 - 12