6th B League vs Wits

Up against the top of the log Wits

Lyal at 2: (lost 1-3) Only saw the first game of this which happens to be the one that Lyal won. He looked to be hitting the ball pretty sweetly, but apparently lost his way a bit against an opponent who was tardy in moving out of the way resulting in him getting hit twice. Think Lyal felt sorry for the guy after that and let him back into the game.

Nigel at 3: (lost 1-3) A week’s worth of wine and various other forms of gluttony in the Cape showed in my squash. It was Christmas for my opponent and all my shots came neatly back to the T for him to dispatch as he pleased. Even some late match advice from Mark and Lyal couldn’t save me. Two matches down and looking bleak.

Phil at 4: (won 3-1) The one ray of sunshine on an otherwise depressing evening. Phil played an opponent who hit the ball at great speed, but couldn’t match it with leg speed. Phil ran him down in a comfortable win.

Mark at 1: (lost 1-3) Mark played some guy who was reminiscent of Mr Stretch from the Fantastic Four. He was about 7ft tall and probably weighed only 50kg – all legs and arms. This effectively cancelled out lobs. Mark played a decent game, but was at a major disadvantage in terms of reach. Some good rallies were had, unfortunately most of them going the wrong way.

Not a good evening to finish off the first half of the league season. Let’s hope the second half starts off more positively.

Match score: 6 - 13