5th League “the G Team” vs Alberton

Alberton top of the league and 2 of the teams stalwarts away (LG and BigG both doing some low altitude training in the Durban area) we called upon our reliable reserve FerG and a recovering from flu GEC (General Electric Chris) from 4ths

G-spot on first survived the scare of being 1-0 and 14-9 down in the 2nd before winning that one and beating a demoralized oppo fairly easily 3-1.

GEC then went on against a very capable opponent and managed to sneak the 3rd before narrowly losing the 4th. A very good effort in the circumstances.

G-string on next – never acclimatized to the match going down 3-0 (the less said the better)

Mr Dependent FerG then had to win 3-0 for the win. 2-0 up and cruising to victory, but his opponent (Pieter Botha) dug in and took the 3rd. FerG took the last easily but the race was run

Match result : 7 - 10