4th League vs Winchester

Team back to full strength, if not stronger with Gary filling in from 2nd league due to Chris and Flip being sick, Chris however being convinced to sub for a very depleted 5th league side.

Dave after eventually finding the venue played first on the somewhat slippery courts, made life difficult for himself but ended winning confortable in 4 games.

Vevek did exactly the same also winning in 4 sets.

Gary won comfortable without dropping a game, with the first two games being fairly close.

Ryan somewhat rusty after a lengthy absence due to his work travels, went on last against a very determined opponent who hit the ball very well. Ryan needed two games to get rid of the ring rust, then won a very close 3rd game. Won the 4th easily, but just lost focus and lost a very tight 5th game 16-14.

1)      Gary 3-0
2)      Ryan 2-3
3)      Vevek 3-1
4)      Dave 3-1

Match result : 14 - 5