4th League vs Old Eds

4th League travelled to Old Edwardians on Tuesday for the first match of the season.

With just our No’s 1 and 3 there and their No 4, I decided to move myself down to 4 to play Quinton Tomasselli.
Won a close first, lost the second, lost the third, won the fourth, and ended loosing the fifth 15-13. Not a pleasant match, and apologies to Ryan who had to make a number of difficult calls.

Vevek went on next at No.2 against Glen Lazarus, lost the first, won the next two, lost the fourth, and managed to lose the fifth 15-13. Pity, but at least we were getting some points.

Ryan next playing No.1 came up against Rob Halstead who did not let Ryan settle. With Rob tiring in the third, Ryan nearly made a comeback, but ended losing 15-13. Looks like a team trend of losing the last game 15-13??

Finally, our youngster Andrew went on at No. 3 (unbeknown to him he had been promoted!) against Marius Conadarus. Won the first, just lost the second, but then won the next two reasonable comfortably for a good 3-1 win.

Final result a not too shabby 13-7 loss, followed by a pleasant meal at Old Eds.

PS Pat and I had a very enjoyable Balloon flight on Sunday. Thanks to Peter for donating the prize, “match report” to follow

Overall result: Loss 7 - 13