9th LEAGUE vs Wendywood

Game report for the 9th league team.

Our first game of the season was against Wendywood. The bunch of new members were all keen to cut their teeth at this game called squash.

First game was No 4 for the team known as Three Boertjies and an Englishman.  Easy meat for Kobus. Ran a lo,t played well and within record time victory for Kobus.
Chamber - 3    Wendywood  -  0    

Second on at no 2 position was veteran Chris.  The blue dot (excuse) was too much for him to get used to, so down one game. Same for second game but with a bit of orientation the third was in the bag for the Boertie. Run out of steam in the fourth and Chamber is one game all, still in the running for a win.
Chamber – 1     Wendywood  -  3

Then our no 3  took to court. Anthony, the Englishman was out played by a younger Jitesh and went down 3 – 1. He did fight back in the second and even did a split on the court trying to get to the ball and for that a win was good for morale.  
Chamber - 1   Wendywood  -  3    

Henri at no 1 looked strong walking on the court against a half pint Paukaj (with glasses nogal).  Not to be Henri, was all over the court trying to out run the hard hitting opponent. But al his endeafors was just not good enough.  And another Boerjie bites the dust.
Chamber - 0   Wendywood  -  3    

Supper and strategy was the order of the day and after deliberation ----- watch this space.

Thus Wendywood 3 – Chambers 1

Overall result: Lost 5-12