7th B League vs. Chamber A

Hi All

The annual derby between 7A and 7B took place at Chambers on Tuesday 6 March. Herewith the match report.

Paul,Fallon- vs. Nic,Papatheodorou-
14-16 14-16 15-7 20-18 15-8

An epic battle between the number one players or as we like to call them, the MVPs (More Victories Please!). The first two games was a great example of never giving up. Nic was game point down in both but fought back bravely to win the games 16-14. After the second game (in fact throughout the match), Nic showed signs of being physically exhausted. Dropping down from 7A to 7B comes at a price, in 7B you are expected to win your games at No.1 So Nic took a breather in the third and launched his final assault in the fourth. Game point changed hands a few times and Nic even had a match point. However Paul showed a lot of fight and wrestled back the advantage to win the fourth, knowing that the fifth will be a canter. A great win for the A team 3-2.

Peter,Fillmore- vs. Gary,D'Alessandro-
13-15 15-13 15-8 15-12

The two captains at No 2. Gary, or Jack Sparrow from the Caribbean, against Pete Fillmore. A close game, with both playing good squash throughout. Jack had the added pressure of being the new team captain, following the ousting of George “Coty” Bowen. His inspirational diatribe to his team (and leaked to the greater Chamber community) had little impact on the final outcome, in fact there does not appear to be much hope for the 7A reprobates or their lifetime ambition of ever beating the 7B side again. Back to the game, what game? 1-3 it’s all over for Mr Sparrow who ended up going down with his ship without raising the white flag. 3-1 to the B team.

Peter,Le Roux- vs. Michael,Hunt-
7-15 15-8 15-12 10-15 15-13

The worst game he has ever marked, as per Paul Fallon. The dissent and abuse from his team mate Hunt was soul-destroying. Paul has asked if can redo his marking course as he no longer understands the concepts fishing, stroke, let, or anything than requires the marker having to call a point against Mike. The only non-controversial point was when the ball was played into the tin, or played into the gallery. Otherwise a great game, down to the wire at 13 all in the 5th. Unfortunately there can always only be one winner and it was Peter’s turn to take this one, 3-2 to the B team.

George,Bowen- vs. David,Hamilton-
16-14 15-13 13-15 13-15 15-10

Without the pressure of the captaincy, George was able to focus on his game. Taking an early 2-0 lead against Dave, George was looking good. Dave dug deep and pulled back the next two, only to throw away the 5th. Where do you go from 7B, is there a 7C?3-2 to the A team.

Overall a fantastic evening of squash, with two evenly matched sides. This challenge once again lived up to its top billing. But the snot snivellers have once emerged triumphant, beating the A team by one game, 10-9, and 12-9 overall for the match.

We retired to the Doppio’s restaurant and pontificated further over a few Peroni draughts.

Overall result: Won 12-9