5thth League vs Bryanston Sports

Away at the arch rivals Bryanston – we finished 3rd last year, they were 4th.

Silver Fox on first at 2 (making sure that I didn’t play David at No 1 – cos’ he’s pretty good). Made shortish work of Alex winning 3-1

Rejuvanated Rich, back on the league court after a year of healing (mentally and physically) played the famous Derek Watts who used all his 6’ 5” to wind the ball as hard as he could. At 1 game each and 7-2 up in the 3rd, the effort of thrashing the ball to the back of the court took it’s toll on Derek and he hardly won another point in the match. Welcome back Rich.

Ron then had the dubious honour of playing a super-fit and fast David. Ron put everything in to the first 2 games but fell short in both. Then at 14-11 down in the third he clawed back to 14 all before seeing red when he received what he thought was a bad call (from the best marker at the club!!). Ron then proceeded to clobber the ball 3 times into the nick to win the game and glowering at marker (the best in the club, by the way), stormed off the court. The 4th was a close affair but the rigours of the weekend tournament took it’s toll and although close – no cigar. Lost 3-1.

Mergus arriving timeously to walk straight on court (!!!) only had to win 2 games for the match and duly did. As normal though Mergus took the game to 5 before winning 3-2.

So a good start to the season with a 13-7 win was followed by cold (but tasty) pizzas in the pub.

Marking tip for the day – when the ball is dying on the back wall and all you can play is a desperate defensive boast, don’t leave it and expect a stroke.!!!

Overall result: Won 13 - 7