5th League vs Old Eds

Away at “testosterone city” – why so many people see fun in gymming beats me!!

As the rest of the team were late (as usual), the Silver Fox went on first against a youngish fittish Gavin with one of those horrible, dead, green-dot balls. Gavin did a lot of running after boasts, drops and lobs and went 2-1 up. However SF increased the pressure dramatically with the last 2 being won 15-2, 15-10. Although my team-mates appeared tense, I was always in control.

Rich on next against  Jason (a loud George Bowen-like character). Won the first 2 closely 20-18, 15-13 with some of his classic volley drops causing much damage. Had a wobble in the 3rd but came through comfortable in the 4th for a 3-1 win.

G-bow’s first start of the season was a tricky one but the oppos lack of fitness helped G-bow to a 3-1 win.

So no pressure on Ron, again playing at No 1 seeing as he was last to arrive and bragging how he’d run with Frankie for an hour at the weekend. His Israeli opponent however was too young, fit and fast and even a last-gasp, desperate altercation with the marker in the 3rd couldn’t prevent a 3-0 defeat –it’s tough at No 1 Ron even if the marker is blind as a bat (in your opinion!!!).

So a good 12-7 victory was followed by a tasty steak, egg and chips in the Old Eds pub

Overall result: Won 12 - 7