7th A League vs. Wendywood

Try as I might I can’t seem to make this report any less depressing!

I work in Linbro Park, 5 minutes away from the Wendywood club, so I was the obvious choice to “Garmin” George there. I left for the club, while George was still on the phone to me and negotiating the Marlboro/Bowling T- junction.
When I arrived at Wendywood George was 2 games down! George did rally somewhat (punny) to take the third game, but was outgunned and outrun in the fourth by his hard-hitting/running opponent.
An inauspicious (though speedy) start. On the positive side, Dr Paul did say that marking this match was way preferable to recent matches involving Mike H.

Next on Dr Paul vs Maricus. Steady, solid, almost flawless play from Maricus was just too much for Paul to handle.
We needed a win. Could Karel deliver against Joe? Apparently not. Joe was cast in the same mould as George’s opponent. Hard-hitting, mobile, relentless.

Finally the two more elderly and sedate gents took the court, Steph vs Alec. Though Alec professed to not do running, he moved pretty well.
Results similar to George’s (though not as quick). So all in all a very poor result for Chamber, despite our best efforts, against a strong Wendywood.
I reckon they could play in any order. 7B take heed!

We were slightly cheered up by some good steaks at the Baron afterwards.

Chamber                                             Wendywood
Paul F                    0 – 3                       Maricus
Karel G                 0  - 3                       Joe
George B             1 – 3                       ?
Steph S                 1 – 3                       Alec

Overall result: Lost 2 - 16