6th League A vs Old Eds

On first at no 4 Louis against John – Louise just too strong and raced to 15-4 in the first game, John came back a bit but Louis took the next 2 games 15-10 15-10 (good start 3-0)

On second Gerhard at no 2 against Ian – went down 8-15 in the first but Gerhard is a slow starter (I thought), after the second game we were in serious trouble losing 6-15, Gerhard tried in the last but to  no avail losing 11-15. Ian was good but Gerhard made him look great. Now level one match each.

On 3rd Gavin at no 3  against Rael – see-sawed until I took the first game 15-11, second game passed in a flash 15-3, Rael tried in the last (also by trying to influence the marker for a few strokes J) but I took it 15-12. Two matches to one,  could our loan player give us the game we needed?

Fergus (….thanks to John and his team for the 1 game we needed we could not have done it without you) – Fergus played Volker and never looked to be in real trouble although Volker did not give it to him on a plate. Fergus winning 16-14, 15-12, 15-12. With the first game being so close I wondered if I was going to be thanking John J.

Overall result: Won 12 - 3

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