9th LEAGUE vs Wanderers (or in Boerjtie taal – Wonderers)

 Thirsty for a win the able Captain sourced a ringer from his long list of reserves. An Englishman to play for the Three Boertjies and an Englhishman team but “die koei is in die sloot” so we had to do what a team must do.

First game was Gabriel, our silver bullet. A big worry as he had a warm up game before and seemed very tired. But he climbed in and in a short time he was up two games. Niel, the opponent fought back and took the third. The game was on and red faced players was puffing and panting, but the canny strategic move from the able Captain worked well, and Gabriel took the fourth. A win for Chambers.
Chambers - 3    Wonderers -  1   

Then our no 3, Anthony, the Englishman took to court. I need to record this. Anthony played well, really well. He hit hard, ran a lot, even slipped once or twice. His hard work was rewarded with a win in the third, but as they say in the classics there is no comments column on the score board and Anthony went down 1 – 3
Chambers - 1   Wonderers -  3   

Third on at no 2 position was Chris.  The first warm up game went to Wanderers and after one up one down and two games each the final game was played. Tight shots from the Wonderers Captain and his superior fitness was the deciding factor and Chris went down in the fifth.
Chamber – 2    Wonderers  -  3

Chambers was back against the wall. Now up to Henri, the no 1 Boertjie walked on court, confident that tonight was the night. But alas and in short, he bit the dust and Chambers representative team in the 9 league went down (again).
Chambers - 0   Wonderers  -  3    

Final score = Wonderers 3– Chambers 1

And words of wisdom from Mumbai

Hi All from a hot and bustling Mumbai where the honking of horns never cease and pollution is the only thing more prevalent than the production of Bollywood movies!

Thanks for the match report, 'boss' (my Indian vocab is growing by the
minute) and Team for everyone's efforts towards a track record consistency. We may not be outwardly the best but we'll die trying and never EVER give up.

Even when we're bleeding in trenches dug in wood sprung floor with ruined rackets we ought to dig deep and find the moral corruption to voice veiled threats at our triumphant opponents, warning them with certainty that there SHALL be another day, all the while the echoes of the last shots played reminding us that the eternal wheel of justice turns and that retribution cannot be denied for those who simply will not quit.

The English have a funny way of coining philosophical sayings like this one for lionhearts like us and experience has taught that in all situations, he who laughs last does indeed laugh... well, last.

Let us rise up, lift our chins high, shoulders squared and look the victors in the eye and with deep and eternal conviction and unwavering voice declare that WE SHALL NOT BE DOMINATED FOREVER!

OK, OK, so sleep depravation and spicy food is getting the better of me. :-)

Keep well, gentlemen!


Overall result: Lost 6 - 13