10th league vs. Edenvale

We got off to a late start due to Edenvale thinking they were playing away at Western Rackets! We sportingly waited for them and started playing at about 19h30.

Paul was on first against the Gothic kid, black clothes, T-shirt displaying arcane symbols, dyed spiky black hair and a face so pale it made his zits look luminous. Unfazed by the kid’s appearance and on court antics, Paul dealt with him severely, despite a concentration lapse in the third game. Richard on next against the scary guy, large tattooed mean looking character, got off to a good start but was worn down. Phil then played the old crafty guy, started slowly and gathered momentum eventually wearing him down for a good win. Steph played the other kid, far less bizarre encounter than Paul’s but a closely fought match with a similar outcome.


Paul Dixon 3 – 1

Richard Lees 2 – 3

Phil Norton 3 – 2

Steph Stephansen 3 - 1

Match result: 14 – 7, to the good guys