4th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

We played Eds at Eds. I didn’t get to beat Dennis Bass 27-0 again, Vevek had a go tho.

None of them stayed, we went to their pub, had a burger and a beer and then they brought us the entire bar bill for the night. They wanted us to pay for everybody. We need to play their other side next week. Seems a strong side, they pumped Wits 14 something, which is good for us, but we still have to play them twice.

Anyway, here is the match report:

1) Willem beat Rickie Tomaselli 3-0 (Won the 2nd from 8-2 down)

2) Gary beat Chris 3-0 (Was 2-0, 8-2 up and next thing was 9-8 down, worked hard to finish in 3)

3) Trevor beat Glen Lazarus 3-2 (Bit tense in the middle, Trevor playing with a broken racquet and going walkabout)

4) Vevek beat Dennis Bass 3-0 (Bit of a soft opponent)

Match Result: 16-2