5th LEAGUE vs Winchester Hills

Having narrowly lost to Winchester in the first match, the Captain decided to strengthen the team by dropping Feathers.

Chris went on 1st vs Big Albert fresh from his near success in the lower leagues. However CmC’s legs ran out in the 5th to lose 2-3

Silver Fox on next against Alan, plunged to 1-2 down and 2-8 in the 4th (the crowd started to fade away in disappointment). However seeds of doubt were sown with a few choice winners and the 4th was won 10-8. With Alan demoralized, the 5th was then a formality for a 3-2 win.

Ryan then came up against a clever player (Darryl) and lost 0-3 which left “baldy” Jeff needing a 3-0 for a points count-out.

Jeff played possibly his best game of the season and did win 3-0 so down to a points count.

Before counting we offered Winchester a draw (in the interests of inter-club spirit) as we didn’t want to win such a close and hard fought match. But after much debate amongst their team they decided to risk the count-out. DAMN, they won by 7 points.

So………..closer than the first round but no cigar.

Result 8-10