9th League A vs. 9th League B

The chronicles follow:

Supposedly at home last night :

So I get a phone call from captain snot sniverler Pete Fillmore on Monday morning. Reason ? Snot Sniverlers "b" have only got two players willing and able to stand up to the might of the mighty 9th "A" team. The rest in bed wiping their snotty noses. Will we agree to postponement ? What about the advance ticket sales to this match, I ask ? Fillmore remains silent. I phone Patricia. She's not happy. Agreement is then reached --- no refunds will be offered but exchanges may be considered on Amstel Lager on request.

The postponed date will be published shortly. The result wont change folks -- in no particular order, it matters not, Hunt 27 zip, Van Niekerk 27 zip, Papa 27 zip, Bydawell 27 zip, Fallon 27 zip, Bowen 27 zip. In no particular order, it matters not, Martin, Le Roux, Chapman, Vermaak, Fillmore, et al , they're all snot sniverlers, --- all begging for mercy.

You can win 'em all.

Watch this space.