Some Comments on the 9A and 9B team tussle

Does this mean that the bragging rights revert to the “A” team?

George, you could have offered Peter two of our players, seeing that we have a full squad.


Nick Papatheodorou


Oh please! !

This 9A team has not stopped whingeing and whining the whole season. The team is loaded with has-beens, especially their miserable, hyped up, diva like captain, who cannot make it in the higher echelon of the squash leagues and now they think they can come and shout the odds. The need to have their egos stroked has now reached alarming levels. A pity their memories are not as active as their egos- do we recall who won the recent challenge between the so called A team and ourselves???

Well they are in for a surprise when the 4 member 9B team is back to strength (yes we don't have any extras to rely on due to 2 players falling away to the side, one of whom we now see is playing for the 10th but that is another story) and we will see who will be begging for mercy. The zip this zip that relates will be settled once and for all when the captain eats his words and Zips his mouth once and for all.


Peter Fillmore

I’ll put some girls handbags down at the club over the weekend so that you guys can sort it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


John Shannon