10th league vs. Parkview

We are not fortunate enough to be in an easy league like ‘9A’ so we are proud of our 4 consecutive wins! Once again we reversed the result against the same side earlier in the season. Without a shadow of doubt, Man of the Match goes to Richard Lees for his remarkable reversal of form in the fourth game (it was only 4 months coming!). After struggling through three games to go 1-2 down (as usual), something finally clicked and he played like a demon to take the next two games 9-1 and 9-0. Welcome back Richard and keep up the magnificent squash. Steph once again played great squash against a strong opponent with extended rallies but couldn’t quite grab the fifth game. Naren played crafty squash (and a few more tricks too) to put paid to the ‘heavy breather’ (we had already called 911 in case he collapsed on court). Phil P took another 3-0 win and his luck of playing against the weakest opponent continues. Thanks once again to Naren to helping us out of a tight spot (and winning valuable games for us too). May the good times continue.

  1. Steph 2-3
  2. Naren 3-1
  3. Phil P 3-0
  4. Richard 3-2

Match result: 146