7th League vs Krugersdump

So the Dukes of (H)Azaardville descended en masse on the Mid Western hub of Chamberville to see if they outwit the competition and avenge their 16-1 thrashing earlier in the year. So enter Bo, Luke and Uncle Jessie, but sadly no Sheriff Roscoe P...... Coltraine, who was tied up with flu, so had just a three-header. Non-playing captain Bullen therefore managed to sit out once more, even though a game was anticipated! At least our opponents turned up - the fearsome 5th leaguers literally scared Jeppe away!

The bonnet of the General Lee was still warm, however, when the night was over and them good ole boys from Chamberville had kicked them Dukes' sorry butts. Yeee-haw!

InviciPhil went on first at no. 2 on court 5. Now inviciPhil is not called inviciPhil for nothing. He has not lost a single game all season. That's right, until tonight he had won every game 3-0. However, Uncle Jessie was wise to this and to everyone's surprise InviciPhil fell asleep in the third game to go 2-1. He then shifted back into gear, did a quick stunt roll, and ripped out the 3-1 victor. Yeee-haw!

Gavin G went on simultaneously on court 4. Gavin barely broke into a sweat and was striking the ball absolutely sublimley against Bo. 3-0. Yeee-haw!

Finally, Richard demonstrated that even promoted to 1, he has room to perform. A little nitrous in the fuel tank and it was all over for Luke within minutes. 3-0.

So Bo, Luke and Uncle Jessie leapt back in the General Lee and headed back to (H)Azaardville. We told them that if they had brought Daisy they could have stayed, but instead they left with their tails between their legs.

Match result: 16-1.

So the result was a repeat of the first leg. This Krugersdorp team is third in the league. We have no idea how. The bad news is that we have probably lost our number 1, Flip, for the whole season, unless the quacks can drain the pond water from his leg and get him back sooner.

Message for 9th league A: Winning is not everything. Nobody remembers the runner up, even they are unbeaten. If you need a lesson in how to win in style, we're available.


Match result : 16-1