Weekly Update

Chamber is still heading for 4 or 5 trophies this year with both ladies teams, and mens 4th, 7th, & 9th leagues riding high. We could also be in line to win the Callaghan Trophy (for best mens overall league performance), the Aggregate Trophy (best ladies overall league performance) and the Transvaal Trophy (best combined mens & ladies overall league performance). Every teams position in the league counts towards these trophies so every match counts.

A summary of the latest results is as follows
Ladies 4th 01 1st
Ladies 4th 02 2nd
Mens 4th 1st
Mens 5th 5th
Mens 7th 1st
Mens 8th 4th
Mens 9th 01 2nd
Mens 9th 02 4th
Mens 10 th 4th
Mens 11th 6th

Mens 12th 4th