11th LEAGUE vs Modderfontein

After going down the previous week against Wits without picking up a game, we were up against top of the league Modderfontein. We were certain though, that things couldn’t get any worse. We were almost mistaken…

Up first at number 3 was fill in player Paul. Despite some good rallies and sneaky shots, he eventually succumbed 3 – 0 to Andrew.

On next at number 1 was Nigel who had a shocker against the beer swilling, absinth toting Orrin. Another 3 – 0 loss with only token resistance in the last game. Things will have to take a turn for the better at some stage. Hopefully.

Next it was Graham vs Greame in the number 2 spot. Once again all returns from Graham Cumming were to no avail and he was dispatched without picking up a game. So, another 3 – 0 loss and the home gallery was very quiet. This was getting downright embarrassing.

It was up to the old campaigner, Keith, to restore some sense of pride in the team and allow some sort of backbone to remain for next week. Maybe it was the promise of cold beer after the game, or thoughts of bonny Scotland that inspired him, but Keith fought hard to take the match 3 – 1 to a standing ovation from the cheap seats.

Final result 3 - 13