12th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

Not a very good start to the season for the 11th league, played Edenval at home. Although some of our team really tried – it was all in vain.

Final score 7 /13 to Edenvale.

John was first up playing No4. against a youngster who could have been his great-grandson, and true to form John indeed played like the boys great-grandfather. Score 0/3

Brian playing No. 1 put up a heroic effort taking the first two games with grim determination, then running slowly out of steam to a very fit player finally going down 2/3.

Geoff stole the limelight quietly dominating his opponent to take the match 3/1 – well done Geoff.

Paddy playing No. 3 got off the a great start against Graham, a familiar old Edenvale player. At 2 all it looked as if Paddy was going to take the match, but spectator enthusiasm by Edenvale for their player turned everything around and Paddy hanging on for dear life, threw it away 14/16 in the final game. Score 2/3.

Maybe next week !