7th League vs. Parkview

7th league went up against the neighbours, Parkview, and had a less than stellar start to the season. Manie on first lost the first game to a youngster after he stopped playing at 9-7, then worked out the scoring system and won easily 3-1. Jacques' on next looked a little rusty more than anything else in his 1-3 loss but nothing a couple of court sprints won't sort out! Duncan cruised through the first game but lost the next two rounds (aggressive actuary opponent) before taking the fourth only to lose 17-15 in the last - will have to join Jacques in the court sprints. Our last hope rested on Gerhard who also started slowly before looking like he may stage a comeback. Unfortunately he too went down 3-2. So a 8-13 start to the season and things will hopefully only get better from here!

Coty award jointly to the caterers at Parkview who didn't save any food for us!

Match score: 8-13