6thth League vs Wits

The season started very well with a nice warmup at Wits.

What really impressed me, was the price of chips at R3.50 and Powerades at R7.00, so Big George and I had a full go at depleting the stocks.

Back to the matter of the day:

3) Gavin B - With the captaincy duly handed to me, I was also elected to be the cheerleader, scribe and treasurer. Even for me this was taking the piss, and handed the fiscal function back to Dirk (who no doubt will make sure that he builds in a management fee).

I was up against a guy who played 5th league last year and had a 7% win record - well after I sorted him out, his win-loss record doesn't look much better this year. He is doing a doctorate in "lightning and associated risk" - he certainly needed a cracker under his ar...


2) Dirk - up against a 6ft4 beanpole who was prepared to run all night - as was Dirk 2-2 all and an hour into the game, Dirk was on the cusp of greatness at 13-11 and then decided he was tired ( I suppose a normal reaction for the amount of court he covered).

Our game teammate crossed the line second losing 13-15, but overall a nice workout to start the year 2-3

4) Gavin G - made short work of a guy who even George Palmer expressed concern about the tightness of his t-shirt covering a rotund midriff 3-0

1) George Palmer - played a young Indian guy - the first 2 games were pure class with overhead nicks and general trickery and chicanery. Then George's heartmonitor warned him about excessive running?? and he promptly lost the next 2. The fifth was all tied up at 6-6, until George unleashed a barrage of effort and destroyed his opponent to take the match comfortably 3-2

Match result : 14-5